Día: 10 de enero de 2015

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Varias plazas de SVE en Francia

Who are we? VISA AD is an organization accredited for EVS projects in the social-medical field. We offer voluntary missions in France in the following areas: Projects… –       with children in difficulties, –       with elderly people, –       with disabled people, –       in schools, –       with disadvantaged people… Please find enclosed a brief description of our […]

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Intercambio en Turquía sobre desempleo juvenil

Unemployment at 24 frames: Intercambio juvenil Erasmus+ Summary of the Project Our Project will be held in Birecik Şanlıurfa. Usually Birecik let in immigration but generally young people immigrate another region. Because of this the workload of the town is lower than labor force. There is a really big problem of unemployment in the region. […]