iCandidate: Erasmus+ Training course on branding 2.0 for candidates


Training course

iCandidate: European jobs and entrepreneurship personal branding 2.0



Erasmus+ training course in Spain


17th October (arrival) -23rd October (departure) 2016

17th arrival of participants, starts the 18th October until 22 october 2016.


15th September 2016


Madrid province (to be confirmed the exact venue)


15 European organisations

Participants: Youth workers, NGO staff and youth information technician. Each partner will send 2 youth workers to Spain in October 2016. We will accept participants from the next organisations:

Bulgaria (astika Foundation)

Estonia (Continuous Action)

Netherlands (Stichting WOW Go)

Portugal (Associação Juvenil de Deão – AJD)

Latvia (Baltic Regional fund)

UK (Sutton Coldfield YMCA)

Sweeden (IFALL)


Cyprus (Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation)

Macedonia (Info front – Prilep)

Denmark (AFS Interkultur)


Austria (Verein für Freizeit und Bildung der Jugend)

Hungary (Talentum Alapítvány az Önkéntesség Támogatásáért)


The project brings together 10 youth organizations and 1 coordinator, Building Bridges, youth association and specialised training provider. The project aims to improve youth workers competencies in relation with educational activities for youth workers in order to improve their competences in youth information related with employment and entrepreneurship.

The specific objectives are:

1. Show tools and job search strategies and promoting personal online branding in Europe.

2. To support the employment of young people for their professional career in Europe.

3. Define and complete a job profile with 2.0 tools.

4. Identify the profits of Web 2.0 for youth employment and enterpreneurship, making our job profile more interesting,broadcast applications, how to contact with companies, design and management of personal branding, communication, marketing, etc.

5. Know the basic guidelines for effective participation in these networks in order to raise awareness of the career-face counseling to unemployed persons (complete your profile, give it a more professional appearance, set restrictions, build brand image, etc. )

6. Train skills and competencies to meet the selection process, especially the personal interview.

7. Know the main existing employment resources in Europe and how to ease their access them.

8. Provide alternative resources on practices, employment and volunteering in Europe, apart of EVS.

9. Provide self-employment resources for youth.

10. Apply techniques to enhance marketing technicques and personal branding.

11. Report on new opportunities for training.

12. Creating, through analysis and experience, a catalog of best practices that help workers in the field of youth to receive information on where employment in Europe.

The needs that we identified refer to an improved training and labour system knowledge for youth workers. Although the partners encourage their staff to be actively engaged in personal and professional development opportunities, including through non-formal education activities and trainings, there is still the need of a unified approach that would allow youth workers to be involved in an efficient training and educational process meant to improve competencies required for raising the impact of inclusion activities and overcoming the various differences existent at national levels.


The project seminar costs related to travel, accommodation and activities are covered within the project, and will be handled by Building Bridges.

Each partner will cooperate in the creation of databases for being published online.

The partners will be responsible for:

1. Promotion and visibility of the project

2. Selection / Nomination of participants for the project activities

3. Producing the database together in working groups during the seminar

4. Ensuring financial management for their expenses

5. Attending the seminar

6. Evaluation and reporting

How to apply

Your applicants´ CVs should be also sent by e-mail to asociacionbbATgmail.com. Please fill this online form:

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