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Malta is a captivating country nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, offering a perfect blend of history, natural beauty and adventure. With its sunny climate and crystal-clear waters, Malta is a great destination. Immerse yourself in its fascinating history by visiting ancient sites dating back thousands of years, stroll through
vibrant streets bustling with friendly locals, or take a refreshing dip in the sparkling blue waters. Don’t forget to
indulge in Malta’s culinary delights, such as pastizzi and ftira, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or seeking an ideal work environment, Malta has something to offer to everyone. Come and experience the magic of Malta for yourself!

In Malta, the two primary spoken languages are Maltese and English. Maltese serves as the national language, characterized by its unique Semitic roots influenced by Italian, Arabic and English.
English, on the other hand, holds widespread usage across education, business, and tourism sectors. Additionally, due to historical and cultural ties, Italian, French and Spanish enjoy significant usage, particularly in areas frequented by tourists.


• VACATION LEAVE: 24 days in a year, fully paid. Furthermore, all public holidays that fall during the week.
• SICK LEAVE: 15 days a year on full pay and 36 days on half pay.
• GOVERNMENT BONUSES as prescribed by Maltese Law: €512 per annum. This is split in 4 payments at the end of the months of March, June, September and December.
• WORKING CONTRACT. The contract of employment is indefinite and has a probation period of six (6) months as per Maltese law.
• NATIONAL INSURANCE. With the payment of NI which is deducted from the monthly salaries, staff can benefit from the country’s local medical services like the general hospital and health centres.

• TIPS (gratuities). These vary from restaurant to restaurant and month to month but should not be lower than €100 per month. These are tax free.
• The 40 hours per week are spread over a five-day week with two days off. Overtime is regularly paid for any hours worked over the normal 40-hour week at 1.5 times the basic rate.
• During each working shift, the staff are always given a free meal.
• Throughout the day staff can make use of the public transport which in Malta is free of charge.
• The Company provides additional subsidies for transportation after work, ensuring a convenient commute back home.
• Uniforms are paid for and provided by the Company.

1,425 – 1,900 (related to the experience and know-how of the applicants)


Todos los gastos pagados


General Responsibilities: The employee is expected to hold a Food Handlers License as per Government Legislation. This person will be responsible for food preparation (mise en place), as well as preparing, baking and plating pizza and other food during service as per menus and food preparation methods of the Restaurant.

Daily Operation

  • Perform daily food preparation duties (mise en place) as requested by the Head Pizzaiolo/Chef.
  • If and when assigned the task to prepare the pizza dough, he is to prepare the dough as per restaurant recipe strictly sticking to the preparation method of the restaurant.
  • Stock up kitchen/Pizzeria as needed in preparation for service.
  • Be aware of all pizza menu items, their recipes, allergens, methods of cooking and
    presentation standards.
  • Have a good knowledge of the standard procedures and policies pertaining to food preparation, receiving, storage and sanitation.
  • Perform daily orders from stores to kitchen and carry out the required stock rotation.
  • Seek own solutions to minor problems that may arise from time to time and keep the Head Pizzaiolo/Chef informed.
  • Ability to produce own work in accordance with deadlines.
  • Ensure full cooperation and communication with all other members of the Kitchen Team, as well as the Service team.
  • Ensure strong communication with the Head Pizzaiolo and/or Head Chef.
  • Perform any cleaning jobs as required to ensure that the Kitchen and all kitchen equipment are kept clean and safe.
  • Appearance, Human Resources, and Training
  • Maintains high standards of personal hygiene, appearance and conduct.
  • Follows the restaurant Uniform Policy and ensures that they conform to all HACCP regulations.
  • Maintains effective communication and relations with all colleagues.
  • Attends all training as required.
  • Has thorough knowledge of all Company Policies and Procedures and follows them accordingly.

Safety and Security

  •  Is knowledgeable of fire, emergency and evacuation procedures within the Restaurant.
  • Ensures that their actions do not create any hazards for themself, colleagues and guests alike
  • Is fully aware of all allergens present in the restaurant menu.
  • Adheres to all existing health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Takes corrective and preventive action to prevent any foreseeable accidents.
  • Demonstrates proper and safe usage of all kitchen equipment.
  • When using chemicals and cleaning materials, they do so in accordance with the instructions provided.
  • Immediately reports any unsafe or faulty equipment to the Head Pizzaiolo/Head Chef.
  • Takes proper care of all Company Property.
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    Esta plaza sólo está abierta a ciudadan@s español@s o residentes legales en España.

    EDUCATION AND OTHER TRAINING COURSES. Title of qualification awarded:
    Training courses and masters, if any:

    CURRENT JOB. Please describe your current job:

    Foreign languages and level of competence: elementary (A1-A2) intermediate (B1-B2) advanced (C1), proficiency (C2):

    SPECIAL MEDICAL NEEDS. Do you have any specific medical needs (chronic illnesses and specific medicines, allergies, food intolerance, disability, etc.)? Please give details and/or attach documentation to this application:

    What are your hobbies?

    How would you describe yourself (values and weaknesses, roles of friends in your life, importance of school and job)?

    Please, describe your previous experiences in other countries and your contacts with people of other nationalities and cultures:

    Motivation letter in ENGLISH (only documents .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt). Please describe in one single page your previous experiences as worker or volunteer (describe also the movements, the organizations and programmes you worked with, if any); Why would you like to take part in this job position (describe your expectations and what you think you may offer to the project)?; What would you like to learn from this project in terms of practical experience?; What are your plans for the future?; Have you ever taken part in any job? Where? When? For how long?; Which field of job would you like to work in? Why? Ver cómo se hace una carta de motivación

    Upload your CV in ENGLISH (please include your date of birth within the CV) (only documents .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt)

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