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Mar 13
Voluntariado ecología Polonia para trabajar en pequeña comunidad

[iconbox title=»Fechas, lugar y nombre voluntariado ecología Polonia» title_align=»left» content_align=»left» title_color=»#1e73be» align=»left» type=»vector» icon=»momizat-icon-calendar2″ icon_align_to=»box» size=»32″ icon_color=»#1e73be» icon_animation=»bounceInDown»][/iconbox] Voluntariado ecología Polonia, con todos los gastos pagados por Erasmus+, para jóvenes residentes en España menores de 30 años. We are looking for 2 volunteers on an already accepted project. It will start on March-April for 1 year. […]

Ago 04
SVE en Finlandia sobre EKOenergy

Location: Helsinki, Finland Dates 01.11.2016 – 01.11.2017 (12 months) Deadline 15.08.2016 Project EKOenergy is an international ecolabel for electricity. EKOenergy is a recently launched network of 37 environmental NGOs willing to promote renewable electricity. That network owns and manages the EKOenergy label, the first and only pan-European ecolabel for electricity. We welcome an EVS volunteer to […]

Jun 27
Voluntariado en Rumania sobre naturaleza

Location: Milcoveni, Romania Dates 01.08. 2016–  31.04.2017 (9 months) Deadline 10.07.2016 Project Hostiong association is a noprofit apolitical organisation which was founded by a group of teachers, roma activists and roma students from Caras-Severincounty, in the south-west part of Romania in 2008. Due to it`s involvement in numerous projects concerning education, youth and voluntary work, the association has […]

Mar 31
Intercambio Erasmus+ en Turquía para construir casas ecológicas

5 becas Erasmus+ para un intercambio juvenil en junio de 2016 en Turquía para construir casas ecológicas con todos los gastos pagados de transporte, alojamiento y manutención Becas cubiertas! Por favor mira más intercambios Erasmus+ y Becas Erasmus+ Exchange Erasmus+ Let’s Build A Youth Village Dates and location 15.06.2016 – 26.06.2016 The location will be in Artvin / Şavşat […]

Sep 30
Voluntariado en labores de ecología y medio ambiente en República Checa

Introduction The project Rural Eco Lifestyle Unlimited has been accepted. We can host 1 EVS volunteer, we search one. Since ASAP till June 2016 here in Valec, at the yourt, taking part on our AREA viva’s activities. Is there comeone that suits aroud yourselves? Boy or girl 18-30 years of age motivated to go abroad […]