Project Youth Entrepreneurship Skills- Romania EVS

«Asociatia Comunitati Pentru Tineret» as part of the «Youth Entrepreneurship Skills» project, the Exercise Firm Fair, a final event that took place in the Henri Coanda High School on 04.12.2018, together with the partners: «Elena National College» Cuza «,» Nicolae Titulescu «National College,» Matei Basarab «High School.
The main objective of the project was to implement a simulation of the exercise firms which will lead to an increase of students’ knowledge about the way a company operates and the importance of its values to increase the self-employment (entrepreneurship) and employment skills work. The project was implemented with the help of 5 international volunteers (from Italy and Spain), and during the 4 months they were designed to show participants that anyone can formulate business ideas and get familiar with the necessary steps initiation to develop a business.
Through this event, we focused on entrepreneurial skills that can transform ideas into actions such as creativity, innovation, decision-making, understanding a given context, and assessing opportunities as well as self-management capacity.
During the event, the students participating in the project promoted their 9 types of business created together with the volunteers during the 4 months of the project. The Exercise Firm Fair involved a total of 100 students who participated in the simulation, buying the products promoted by the students participating in the project. Also during the event the volunteers had the opportunity to share the experience during the 4 months and promote the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + for the teenagers that want to develop their own projects.

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