The project:
The volunteer will be mainly involved in the promotion, preparation and follow-up of our
voluntary projects. He/she will also work sometimes in partnership with other local youth and
social organisations.

1) Promotion of CBB activities:

– To prepare and to hold information stands in the universities and high school or in fairs in order to present our activities and to increase young people awareness about volunteering, non-formal education and intercultural exchanges.
– According to his/her knowledge, to take care of the virtual promotion of the organisation activities (Facebook, Flickr, website updating).

2) Preparation of the weekend projects and of the international work camps:
– To visit organisations that would like to host an international camp organized by CBB.
– To maintain the contact with our partner organisations through Internet communication and to send them regular updates about our projects.
– To receive and answer to the application requests of volunteers who’d like to participate in a voluntary projects and to follow-up their registration process (this is an important task in from April to July that permit to develop a lot of contacts, but can also be considered as very administrative).
– To give a support in the preparation of the activities: preparation of material, food…

3) Co-animation of weekend and international work campsInternational work camps are short-term voluntary projects, with duration of two or three weeks. They
gather young people from different countries that work on a voluntary basis for a non-profit organisation or a local community. The tasks can be
very varied: renovation, construction, environment protection, and child animation… In collaboration with the camp leader, the EVS volunteer will help to maintain a good group dynamic and to favour the learning experiences within the participants.

Profile of the volunteer:
Our project is open to anybody motivated by volunteering and who wishes to be involved in our organisation, regardless to their nationality, religion, believes, diploma, professional experience. We expect the volunteer to be interested in international volunteering projects, be ready to build
an atmosphere of confidence; ready to involve him/herself in the several activities we do; be able to work together with the staff; agree with our philosophy of equality and openness to the difference.



All information: click 


Project period:
EVS activity will start on 01/02/2015 for duration of 12 months

Send CV and motivation letter: till 15 of September !!!

Remember to write in the email that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges ES-2010-120 !

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