Así ha sido el curso en Letonia


El curso Power in (e)MOTION tuvo lugar en Letonia entre el 26 de agosto y el 2 de septiembre de 2018. En él participaron jóvenes de España, Polonia, Italia, Portugal, Letonia, Grecia, República Checa y Rumanía. Esta ha sido la experiencia de Alice, una de las participantes:

Curso Power in (e)MOTION

Power in (e)MOTION was a training course that took place in a small village called Stameriena in Latvia. The training started on 26th of August and ended on 2nd of September. The participating countries were Poland, Italy, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Romania and Spain. The topic was the psychology of emotions and its application in practice. The task of the course was to extend its knowledge in the field of emotional intelligence and empathy, to learn how to use various psychological techniques or tools in everyday life. As this is a difficult topic, almost every day was filled with workshops and seminars. The whole program was carefully planned to include not only lectures, but also relaxation and relaxation activities or energizers.

Así ha sido el curso Power in (e)MOTION en Letonia

All participants were accommodated in shared rooms. There were two participants in each room. In some cases, we shared room with different nationalities. This helped us to discover more about other cultures during our free time. Food was provided four times a day in a restaurant

Days were divided into morning and afternoon sessions with two coffee breaks. It enabled the participants to be fully concentrated during the workshops. The workshops we were interesting. To mention some of them, I would choose personality tests, where we were able to get to know ourselves better, our pros and cons. It is also worth mentioning the «mind traps» method. We’ve learned to recognize the little traps in our heads – such as «It’s never good enough» or «I’ll never do anything». We have realized how our thinking affects our emotions and how our emotions can control our thinking.

After dinner we had various programme as well. We had the chance to try the traditional Latvian sauna and then refresh in the lake. There was an intercultural night as well where we could try local cuisine and dishes from the native land of the rest of the participants.

Overall, I consider this training to be well managed and organized. The trainers were professional and I learnt a lot.


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