Becas Hungría para curso de verano

becas Hungría con todos los gastos pagados de alojamiento, manutención y transporte para curso con el Programa Erasmus+.

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fechas y lugar

15-23 August, 2017 – Magyarkút, Hungary


¿Por qué estas becas Hungría cursos verano?


Youth organizations need mindful leaders, people who embody leadership presence, who are not afraid to be open-hearted and who have the strength of character to make ethical choices and managerial decisions.



The major aim of the training programme is to improve youth leaders’ understanding of the concept of leadership and management through reflecting on their current practices, and practical activities, so that they are in a position to contribute effectively for the overall development of their organizational performance.


Objetivos del programa becas Hungría cursos verano

On completion of the programme, the course participants are expected to be able to:

•Develop their understanding and skills of youth leadership and management for improving their respective organizational capacities


•Understand their roles as leaders for improving the quality of their services and management practices in the organization


Participantes becas Hungría cursos verano


 Organization leaders, project managers


 Youth trainers/workers who are actively working with young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis (potential / would-be) youth exchange leaders


 Participants that have an active attitude!


 + Aged 18 – no age limit


Fechas, alojamiento y manutención de las becas Hungría cursos verano


The location will be Magyarkút (a village) in Hungary in the feet of Börzsöny, which is a mountain range in Northern Hungary. The varied landscape offers good hiking opportunities. A large part of the Börzsöny is national park.


The participants will be sharing rooms with 2-3 others. Each room has private bathroom and toilets.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided by the project budget. The guesthouse has got wi-fi.


TC on Mindful Leadership – Training Youth Leaders to Improve Their Leadership and Management Practices

If you have any special need such as specific diet, special need, allergies etc., please inform the organizers well in advance (Minimum 4 weeks prior the TC, a questionnaire will be sent to the selected participants).


Arrival day: 15 th August 2017, Budapest. The meeting point will be a restaurant at 18.00h. (The address will be later confirmed.)


Departure day: 23 rd August 2017. Since ca. 2 hours are needed to get to Budapest from the venue, please consider your booking and if possible only book flight ticket with an afternoon departure. Before buying the ticket let us know about your choice, and its price to have a green light to buy it.


IMPORTANT: Without our permission, travel tickets cannot be purchased. I will give you the green light, when I have the signed contract.


The travel dates are: 15 th August for arrival at the venue and 23rd August 2017 for departure from the venue.


Participants are allowed to stay 1-2 days extra before or after the training week on your own expenses for visiting Hungary. Outside of this time frame, their travel costs will not be reimbursed.


Transport to the venue: We will arrange a collective transport to Magyarkút. We will pick up the participants at a restaurant after dinner. Practical information about transport and meeting point will be shared when we get closer to the day of arrival.


Costes cubiertos de las becas Hungría y costes de organización


There is a participation fee of 30 € (apart from Building Bridges fee of 40€).


The training course will be implemented in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Programme, and travel expenses will be reimbursed to all participants according to travel limits set by the Erasmus+ Programme. If participants stay within the given budget, their expenses will be covered 100%, otherwise, the exceeding amount will be their own contribution to their travel. Please find here the maximum amounts participants can spend to travel to the venue in Magyarkút. List below.


25 € is deducted from the travel limit as it is the price of the return transfer we will organize between Budapest and


Magyarkút, and on the way back.


Cómo solicitar estas becas Hungría para cursos de verano

You should complete registration in 2 steps:

1. Please send your application form, CV and motivation letter to asociacionbb@gmail.comRemember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”. All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “TC Hungary Mindful.YOUR NAME.YOUR SURNAME

Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet after the selection process.

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities. 

 * It is compulsory to send application form, CV and motivation letter and pay the registration fee at the same time in order to be within the pre-selection process.

If you are not selected by the sending or hosting organisation, we will reimburse the fee. Please see conditions of Erasmus+ grants

paypal comprar suscripcion

Payment by bank: Asociacion Building Bridges


ES67 0081 1534 5900 0116 4823 / BSAB ESBB

What do our participants say?

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  • Jesús
    19 junio, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Hola, sigue habiendo plazas para este proyecto?. Gracias

  • Yes Europa
    19 junio, 2017 at 10:03 pm

    Hola Jesús no, lo sentimos, pero hay algunas otras vacantes, escríbenos y te mandamos plazas para otros intercambios Erasmus, gracias

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