Cursos Alemania con becas Erasmus+


Cursos Alemania con el Programa Erasmus para gestores de proyectos europeos con todos los gastos pagados de transporte, alojamiento y manutención. Si quieres conocer más becas Alemania Yes Europa puede ayudarte.

Fechas y lugar cursos Alemania

Title of the project: Spread the Word

Number of participants 30 participants

Duration: 8 days (including arrival and departure day)

Arrival day: 12/04/17

Departure day: 19/04/17

Location: Dresden, Germany

Costs: Board, lodging and programme costs are 100% covered by Erasmus+ Programme.

Travel costs: According to the Erasmus+ programme rules

Sumario del cursos Alemania

Disseminating the results of youth work and the Erasmus+ projects and proving that there is need to implement such youth and community projects as it is beneficial for the society, the young people and other stakeholders, is equally important for all actors. The importance of effective visibility and dissemination and exploitation of project results is highlighted also in the Erasmus+/Youth in Action programme, where having a good DEOR (Dissemination & Exploitation of results) plan and activities is fundamental to have a multiplier effect on the target groups you have set and ensure the sustainability of your project.

Disseminating and exploiting the results of your projects in a meaningful way is important not only for the funders, but also for your target groups and the local environment to join your activities, support your aims, learn from examples and appreciate the work of your organisation. The most essential project results are the learning outcomes that you share among the participants, the participating organisations and the local communities of the participating organisations. Identifying, documenting and communicating these results can sometimes be a challenging task – but it is possible with a strategic plan and a pinch of creativity.

Increasing the visibility of the Erasmus+ youth projects and their impact contributes to the recognition of non-formal learning in international youth work and allows your work to be seen and appreciated by the people and groups most important for you.

The objective is to explore the concepts and benefits of working on the visibility & dissemination of European youth and community projects by means of a well elaborated comunication strategy and to build a strong international network of youth organisations that work with Erasmus+ projects. The participants and their organisations as a result:

• will share best practices and successful examples of visibility, dissemination and exploitation of projects’ results;

• will learn why visibility and dissemination are important in international youth and community work;

• will develop different tools and methodology for addressing issues of visibility and dissemination;

• will develop a communication strategy that will improve the quality of the projects’ impact and the sustainability of their projects

• will build their international network so that new partnerships will be developed throughout Europe.

Metodología cursos Alemania

– presentations

– plenary sessions

– discussions

– workshops

– brainstorming meetings

– team-building activities & energizers

– intercultural evenings

– study-visits to local youth organisations

Target group:

This training course is designed for youth workers, trainers, facilitators and project managers over 24 years old who have experience in the Erasmus+ programme and run youth and community projects. The participating organisations should send at least 1 person who works/volunteers in their association and is ideally a youth worker, trainer or a project manager.


Accommodation: The participants will stay in double/three bedrooms in a hostel located close to the city centre of Dresden and 3 meals per day are provided respecting the dietary needs of the participants.

informacion voluntariado europeo

Travel expenses: The participants should first book their tickets on their own taking into account the Erasmus+ programme rules (travel distance calculator). After we receive all original tickets, boarding passes and invoices of the participants, we will reimburse the travel costs through bank transfer.

Participation fee: The amount of 40,-€ will be subtracted from the travel reimbursement payment to cover project expenses.


Costes viaje cursos Alemania

All traveling, accommodation, catering costs are covered by the Erasmus + Programme. For other expenses (souvenirs, extra food) each participant should bring money as much as he/she thinks will be needed.

The necessary documents:

If all documents provided (original ticket, boarding passes….) the reimbursement will be done at the end of the project. If not, after the course, by bank transfer.

– If they will have return ticket in their own country. Ask them to buy while coming to the project.

– Taxis will not be reimbursement.

– We need your all receipts, tickets and boarding passes (for both ways). So when you are coming, keep them. After the project you should send us (scanned by email and originals by post) all the tickets and boarding passes of the travel back home.

– Insurance will be participants’ responsibility. We reccommend if you travel from Spain

Aspectos de organización

● Taking into account the educational kind of the project, it is forbidden to use alcohol and other drugs during the project activities.

● The project assumes that attendance in all activities for all the participants must be 100%. Failure to attend the activities may result in our inability to reimburse the travel expenses.


– Please bring information to present your NGO in the NGO fair. Do not forget to bring materials about your organisation (leaflets, posters, photos, videos)

You can share your projects, best practices,…..

– We will create a booklet of the project which will include all the NGOs participating to the project. So, we kindly ask you to send us 1 page information and 1 or 2 pictures and logo of your NGO. So, we can deliver it to even after the project.

– Please prepare to present your country on the inter-cultural evening; some foods, posters, games, music….. (There is no opportunity to use the kitchen for preparing food).

Expectativas durante los cursos Alemania

The participants are expected to attend the whole duration of the project and participate in all activities. If an emergency happens and you need to be absent for a short time, the team should be informed in advance. Please use the free time for meeting friends. If you miss any part of the course only without a valid reason (illness or unforeseen grave circumstances) and without informing the team and/or if you cause major problems for the team and or the participant group, the team will have to take measures going from partial refunding of the tuition, travel expenses, board and lodging by the participant up to exclusion from the course in extreme situations.

Please note that during the course the team have the authority to take decisions in a day-to-day life as well as the arrangement of the programme.

Proceso selección cursos Alemania

becas y voluntariado socios building bridges

Building Bridges members and/or long term unemployed (proved by scanned document) will have preference to this volunteer service.

You should complete registration in 2 steps:

1. Please send your application form, CV and motivation letter to with subject “TC Erasmus+ Projects Myrto“. Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”. All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “TC Erasmus+ Projects Myrto. We give you creative ideas about how to create a good CV in English.

Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet after the selection process.

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities.

* It is compulsory to send application form, CV and motivation letter and pay the registration fee at the same time in order to be within the pre-selection process.

If you are not selected by the sending or hosting organisation, we will reimburse the fee. Please see conditions of Erasmus+ grants

paypal comprar suscripcion

Payment by bank: Asociacion Building Bridges


ES67 0081 1534 5900 0116 4823 / BSAB ESBB

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