Urgente! Pasa la primavera como voluntari@ europeo en jardines de Hungría



EVS Volunteers in Hungary


17 Apr 2016 – 18 Aug 2016

Duration: 4

About the placement


Volunteers: 2


interesting in eco-gardening and simple way of living, English on basic level required


Gyapapuszta is located in Tolna County, 105 km from Budapest. There is a renovated old mansion in a small forest which lies between Németkér and Gyapa on the border of a conservation area.

It’s a territory of a patchwork family where you can find a vegetable garden, some chickens for eggs, and sheeps to cut the grass .

The place has been founded 10 years ago, and its aim was to develop a new sustainable practice, and provide a new lifestyle possibility for people who are interested in participating. At this moment you can find the family members here

There are plenty available spaces and rooms.

Community room, rooms with 2-4 beds, bathroom.

On the premises, WiFi is also available, in this way, outside contact is provided.

A bus is available daily, for travelling to local places. Shops and market is 2 km from the camp, a bigger town is 10 km.

Apart from these, the cooperative owns an office in Budapest, and in Kaposvár, which are suitable for educational purposes, as well as lectures, but they also function as organizational centers

What we are looking for?

We will accept a period of four months, one volunteers within the framework of this project, a Springtime at Living garden in Gyapa (Tolna county, Hungary) in a 2.5 acre property has a 500 square meters , a restored mansion. The volunteers can take part in local subsistence gardening and awareness-raising working. The participants will experience the development of their knowledge, in addition they can also get experience about living close to the nature, different from the average consumption habits means practically, and how important the volunteering could be for people nowadays.

Examples of some of the activities volunteer will be involved in:

Voluntary work includes:

working in the garden, in and around the house, scheduled activities of how-to- organize your day, participating in local waldorf school’s life.

Conversations and activities are organized in the theme of community life, sustainability and simple way of living, ecology, communication, skills and knowledge, as well as democracy in the European Union.

During the volunteer period, the following skills can be developed:

– Foreign language skills, communication skills, organizational skills

– Self-care skills, cooperation skills, environmental and ecological knowledge

– International relations, connection with other cultures, democracy in practice

How to apply

becas y voluntariado socios building bridges

Building Bridges members and/or long term unemployed (proved by scanned document) will have preference to this volunteer service.

We will study carefully all application and selected candidates will be invite for Skype interview. The selection of volunteers will take place in the coming weeks.

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:

Europass CV with picture (made in the last month) with skype name included

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one. The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.

Application form (signed)

All documents written in english you can attach below with subject “EVS Hungary Montvay Garden.TU NOMBRE Y APELLIDOS» and sent to asociacionbb@gmail.com

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