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Description of organisation

Our association organizes projects of leisure activities for young people during their spare time. Once a month for example, we organize a Sunday outing by bus to discover the historic sites of the island. The aim is to help the individuals to know better their History which is for us important to better know ourselves and acquire some marks they cannot find within the family structure and which will contribute to their development. We also organize projects through the European Youth in Action Program. We managed several national Youth initiatives and exchanges of young people with various countries of the European Union.
We also arrange animation activities in the spare time of children and young people (collective reception at the local, national and foreign level). We intervene in schools and secondary schools to lead writing and theater workshops.
The association works for a great part with volunteers. The local partners as the Child Benefit Office of La Reunion, the Departmental Direction of the Youth, Sports and the Social Cohesion of La Reunion and Saint André’s Municipality, are our main financiers. We mutualize our means to realize our projects. The association counts 120 members coming from the four corner of the island. 70 % are young people from 13 to 25 years old.
We help and encourage the young people get some training in particular in the social and cultural field. We also attach a big importance to value the family and all the support, the resources and the values which it can bring in the development of the young people. We help young people to set up Youth projects by helping them to write and manage their projects (Regional Youth initiatives for example).
Our activities having developed, the association was recently endowed with an employee mainly taking care of administrative formalities and technical coordination in particular in the frame of the support of our young people and the contacts with our various partners.

Motivation and EVS experience

Our association organized several projects of youth exchanges since 2007 (action 1.1). We also experienced some actions 1.2. But the young people who have involved in some projects of the association grow and have new ambitions. They want to leave for a long time and learn about new education practices and youth work. Their motivations regarding European mobility go beyond practicing the language and meeting other young people, they want more!
Thus, our main motivation is to bring to these young people this opportunity to benefit from the EVS and by this way to be accredited to be able to accompany them. That is to say, to know how to spend more time in a country to confront their ideas, their methods of work, to acquire qualities, develop their skills and bring their knowledges to another type of public. And these same young people who often are in precarious situation hope to acquire qualities, skills, to reach an employment in a near future. This EVS experience seems to answer at best their expectations.
In our various projects developed until now, we knew how to share the wealth of the Reunion culture with the various partners and young people we involved with. They discovered a mosaic of cultures and an extraordinary cultural melting pot just like Europe. In a so unstable socio cultural and religious context as some European or foreign countries meet, we wish to show that our multi-cultural way of living makes us an exception because of the coexistence of different religions, practices and different local long-standing customs and which is at the origin of cohesion and respect of differences and preferences between the individuals. This generates common values, and strengthens our European citizenship. Through this EVS experience, the volunteer will know how to appreciate the Reunion live together way and to discover the coexistence and melting pot of our origins which bring tolerance from each other cultures. It will be interesting for this young person to confront his/her opinions and European experience considering our insular situation, become aware of differences and of similarities and possibly acquire another vision of his/her own situation. We want that this experience brings to the volunteer values of tolerance, generosity and faith.
In terms of coordination, the EVS experience intervenes directly in the coherence of the work which led by our association since a few years, namely to democratize the European Youth program in Action in a largest number of associations and young people, in particular in the administrative and educational part of the project.
We did not plan a date of beginning of participation at the moment. Whether within the framework of host, sending, we wish to set up an EVS in the respect for the quality standards regarding the preparation of the activities and the role of the volunteer in the local community of the host country. Our wish is to clarify at best with the partner details as well for the level of safety in the working and living conditions, as in the preparation before, the follow-up and assessment during and after, to prevent any risk or conflict. We have never made such an expression of interest! It is our first request.

Project Environment

Concerning the host of a volunteer, we plan an accomodation in family or in cheap boarding houses or else in the boarding school of a Youth host facilities. For the activities we plan to move to the area or the Municipality which accompanies us in the project. The volunteer will be associated with our projects of leisure activities set up on various fields for example: artistic animation in a primary school, an animation of multimedia workshop in local associations, etc. We also plan to work with several cultural and social partners for the organization of the EVS. Thus the volunteer will be able to discover the diversity of our actions and acquire new skills regarding Youth work and especially find opportunities to put into practice his/her skills and qualities.
For his/her personal follow-up and a better integration, a mentor will accompany the volunteer to secure the daily follow-up and support of the service. With this in prospect, a contract of activities will be signed by all the actors. The volunteer will be informed on all the practical terms of host of an EVS. We are going to verify first of all that the volunteer has the EVS KIT Information.
As the service is upper to 6 months, the volunteer will have to attend upon his/her arrival a contact and familiarization training, then a mid-term evaluation to discuss about the evolution of the volunteer and of his/her service and work. The support will be secured by an individual support related to the tasks as well as at linguistic and administrative level. We will provide the volunteer with all the useful contacts which he/her will need during all the period of his/her service. We intend to organize a training session on the Creole language as well as a session on the working organization of the association. We are going to associate him/her with all our projects so that he/she can meet all the other actors we work with, in particular the political decision-makers, the youth actors… Through these missions to manage the volunteer will have the opportunity to socialize with other young people and with Reunion population. We also attach a big importance that are set up by us or the young people themselves some time to discover the island and some leisure activities.
As regards the practical terms of realization of this service, all host charges will be totally supported by the association, in particular accommodation, food, local transport and allowance and these in the arranged conditions. The association will also be responsible for the administrative issue related to the visa, residence permit or else.
At the end of the project, a certificate Youthpass will be given to the volunteer to prove of its participation and detail all learning skills he/she has been able to put in practice, help him/her to be aware of all competence and experience he/she can take for granted and all the work done thanks to him/her.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers
We plan to associate the volunteers for EVS with all our activities dedicated to young people. We are going to make so that they can put into practice their knowledge regarding Youth work, compare their teaching methods with ours. Thanks to his/her skills and his/her experience, the young people will have the opportunity to work in autonomy and take initiatives according to the guidelines given by the mentor. A mentor will be identified and will provide the task-related support as well as the opportunity to meet other leaders and young people of the local community. By this way, they will be able to get in touch Reunion cultural diversity as well as the social and cultural context of » living together » of our island.
So with a primary school for partner in our projects, these volunteers will be able to bring their knowledge in a multimedia workshop activity, or else to participate with us in the implementation of an expression workshop around puppets during Youth Wednesdays work of our city.
This EVS volunteer is going to discover with us the set up of activities of Youth work for our members and other persons who often join us during the Sunday outings. He/she is also going to participate and also organize some specific and strong time of the association: picnic, thematic weekends, a day of Youth work .The young people will also be able to create other meetings for the members and to think together how to develop activities and other means to meet members expectations.To realize these activities, the volunteer will work 35 hours per week.

Suggested activities for the volunteer :
Computing and Informative: Accompany the young people of the association in the creation and the update of a website dedicated to the projects organized by the association and its members, set un a real development process with the other young people of the island; Implementation and management of specific projects in agreement with the mentor;

Social and logistic: Help for the preservation of the links between families and young people by means of cultural outings. So it will be necessary to: confirm the number of persons, make phone calls to take information related to meal, places and transport reservations; make the follow-up of the participation fees for the planned activities;

Relational: Maintain the relations between the association, its members, relay associations and the other partners; daily practice of the field work with the multicultural local population;

Support: Accompany and support young people in their projects of service, exchange or local development.

Role of the volunteer:

Relay between the partners, the association’s members and the association;
Relay between the family and the young people;
According to the young people’s motivations and personality, the volunteer will have the possibility of exercising his/her talents and skills and of increasing knowledges in numerous fields:
– Organization of events,
– Youth work around themes defined in advance,
– Administrative management and coordination,
– Formal and informal contacts with the members and the partners of the association,
– Implementation and project management.
Due to his/her role of leader and observer, the volunteer can set up if he/she wishes a personal project in connection with the current needs of our young people.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process
We are going to study and answer all applications. We don’t have any standard profile of volunteer. In accordance with our association’s values, we won’t attach importance to some information such as : membership of the volunteer in a specific group, origin, religion, sexual orientation, political or else.We have several partners and thus several opportunities, but we are going to give everybody a chance. At local level we are going to make necessary so that the decision is not taken by a single person but by a small committee. We will take care to make the selection procedure as fair and transparent as possible.
We expect from the volunteer investment in the activities to complete and a real commitment to develop the suggested activities.

Number of volunteers 1

Duration: 6 month

Start: August 28th, 2015


Risk prevention, protection and safety

Our association will make sure that the volunteer is covered by the mandatory EVS group insurance provided within the framework of the Youth in Action program. A training session is planned upon arrival of the volunteers during which we will pay their attention and:

– inform about the risks relative cyclones during the periods of heavy rain, as well as risks relative sea and sun burn;
– favor the linguistic learning: the French language is the official language on our island as we are a French Department ; as well as the Creole. In the island people speak Creole (a local dialect coming from slaves), we are going to help them to understand it by giving them a lexicon;
– give them the useful telephone numbers, first of all the one of their mentor, a plan to find their bearings as well as information on the local means of transport.
We will avoid putting the volunteer alone in some places said to be sensitive to lead their actions and thus prevent about possible risks. We will make everything to guarantee the security of the volunteers.
To guarantee the prevention of risks and crises, some sessions of evaluation will also be organized, in particular mid-term.


Selection process

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:
– Europass CV with picture (made in the last month)
– Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be «Building Bridges»

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges.

All documents written in english you can send to:   asociacionbb@gmail.com with subject “EVS Francia, Saint André, trabajo social”

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    yes, it is open for Spanish or residents in Spain, do you want to apply?

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    yes,i am interested because,wat best gives me is to relate to people and the environment

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    im interested,i would like to help others,especially the environment.

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    voy a hablar español,me gustaria participar en el proyecto del sector de trabajo social en francia.

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    por favor para solicitarlo sigue el procedimiento que indicamos. suerte!

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    si que llegan, pero por favor para solicitarlo sigue el procedimiento suerte!

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    ¿Que Saint andré es? Ya que ahí varios…

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