Plaza de SVE en un jardin infantil en Francia


Jardin d’Enfants l’ Arc-en-Ciel

Description of organisation

L’ARC EN CIEL is an independant Steiner kindergarten and nursery school. It has received a european certification for its good quality in August 2003 ( a system of quality control adapted to social institutions).L’ARC EN CIEL is a member of the french Fellowship and the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Schools (web site: is open to 24 children from 2 to 6 years old from all backgrounds and mainly french nationality. Open monday to friday, in normal school time; closed during the school holidays.We have participated in the Festival for Early Childhood in Pau for 22 years, offering lectures and activities. School Open days are often organised.We welcome foreign children (they tend to be mainly english speaking).Jurançon is right next to Pau.Our educational project called: RECOGNIZING AND DEVELOPPING EACH CHILD’S CAPACITIES is based on our values: connection with nature, welcoming the child as a unique personality, learning through play and imitation, acknowledging the power of imagination and artistic creation. Educational conferences are often organised for the families.


A description of the role and tasks of the volunteer(s), the practical arrangements (working hours, days off per week, holidays, food, accommodation, local transport, courses of language) and expected learning outcomes.

Departure training and support of the volunteer

As Sending Organisation we will…

• assist in preparation of all kinds (i.e. intercultural issues, luggage issues,…)

• use EVS Info-Kit as a guideline and tool in preparation

• prepare the volunteers concerning intercultural topics through our web-based multimedia e-learning modules (short tasks, stories, movies, awareness games):

• keep in constant contact even before departure

• be as transparent as possible concerning all information

• enrol the volunteer at the insurance

• inform about the covers of the insurance

• inform about the usage of the insurance

• inform about all aspects of rights and responsibilities of each partner

• assist with travel issues

• explain techiques of crisis management (most of our staff are professional pedagogues)

• encourage to document the project even before departure

• inform about documentary issues like weblogs and

• offer contact to former volunteers where applicable

Role and tasks of the volunteer(s)

Both volunteers will participate at the everyday life on two groups of children. They will be helped and coached by our three professional kindergarten teachers. They will be attached to both groups, one in each at a time, so that they learn to know different activities and children.

They will do:

• preparation of the morning snack

• help to hygiene and wellbeing of the children

• preparation of the lunch space in collaboration with the children

• assistance at resting time

• participation in the games and educational activities

Everyday Timetable

8h30-9h Welcoming time

Day activity

Monday walk, Tuesday bread, Wednesday painting activities; Thursday dance and movement, Friday gardening…

10h-10h15 circle games and songs

10h15 Snack

10h45 free games outside


13h30 resting time

15 – 17h free games outside

Working hours, days off per week, holidays

KinderGarten opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 17h30 except Wednesday from 8h30 to 12.
Working time is 28h a week. Kindergarten with school calendar.
Weekends are free. Seminar and trainings take place during automn or winter holidays.

Food and Accommodation

They will share flats with other students in town.
They will have their lunch with the children like us. They will eat at their place for evening and weekends. They will cook their own food every evening.

Local transport
Jurançon is very near to Pau. Big city and easy transport.

Language course

Expected learning outcomes
The volunteers will get all necessary support to take up initiative and set up a personal project when they are ready to do so. Emilie Raisson will be in charge of them and will help them find solutions to their needs and for their leisure activities.

AXA: who takes the responsibility of enrolling the volunteer in AXA, ERASMUS+

Travel costs: 90% of actual costs

Project cost: fixed amount

The grant provided to the Sending organisation and/or Host organisation has to be paid by the Coordinating organisation in two installments: the first one reaching 80% of the amount at the beginning of the activities, and another one , for the 20% lasting (final recovery) when the final report has been submitted by the Coordinating organisation to the National Agency.


Start of the project: August the 28th 2015 –  july the 4th  2016


Selection process

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:
– Europass CV with picture (made in the last month)
– Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be «Building Bridges»

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges.

All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “EVS Francia, Jurançon, Jardin infantil”

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    16 abril, 2015 at 3:04 am

    Is this type of ptoject just for europeans?

  • admin
    17 abril, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    residentes o nacionales de Unión Europea, en este caso tienen que ser de España o residentes en España

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