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EVS vacancies in Baile Tusnad, Transylvania, Romania

EVS possibility in Baile Tusnad, Romania from August (1 vacancy) and November (3 vacancies) of


The EVS project will be in Baile Tusnad with 4 volunteers from 4 different countries (Hungary,
United Kingdoms, Italy and “?”) in which the voluntary service will run for 9 months (Nov.-Aug.)
and 12 months (Aug.-Aug.).
The objective of our project is to involve the volunteers into our regular activities of St. Anne Youth
Centre. The Youth Center’s indoor and outdoor activities are mostly connected to develop different
kind of skills, abilities and competences of children and youngsters.
Another important aim of our project is to help and support the Local Child Care Home where 95-100
socially disadvantaged children lives (organize free time activities, language clubs, film clubs, etc.).
We are about to improve the possibilities of local children and youngsters by organizing regular afterschool
activities in different topics, according to the interest of the volunteers (art, language clubs,
music, etc.).
The volunteer who arrives in August will spend 3 months with our present volunteers (from Spain,
France and Hungary).

Basic activites:

– Organize workshops for children in different topics: can be anything useful. Examples:
handicraft activities (they are mixed, we like both traditional kind of handicrafts and recycling
workshops), workshops about environment protection, indoor-outdoor activities, hiking tours,
program for international day of children.
– Working with children and youngsters in schools and the Youth Center, help them to
understand how nature works, what connections exists between the natura and human kind,
why is it important to protect it.
– Promote his/her own culture: organize screening in the Youth Center, organize open day
where local people can taste traditional foods, drinks.
– Organize film clubsiuc or Sfantu Gheorghe. Many time we can help them by bringing them home by car or giving a lift
to the city. They have to ask invoice when they doing a bigger shopping.

More information about the place

About Szekler Land (three county gives this historical region) :
You can find pictures about our activities on facebook :
For applying please send you English CV and motivation letter to with subject “EVS Baile Tusnad RO ” until the 21st of January. 

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

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