1-05-16 to 30-4-2017


Gdynia, Polska

Hosting organisation

The main aim of the Foundation is to provide actions for socially excluded people and those being in a danger of social exclusion through socio-activities, street working and animation of local society. The activities are based mainly in the citizen centre called ”Apteka” (eng. pharmacy) in Gdynia Grabówek (district of the city). The district itself counts about 5 thousands inhabitants, including about 600 people, whose antisocial behaviour influence others, that is why our methods concern integration and activation practices. The Foundation conducts cycle of workshops, which promote creative and healthy style of living (psychological-educational workshops for children, youth and their parents); family festivities and happenings, English lessons for young people and older people – equalizing opportunities, meeting of local leaders, artistic activities, a neighborhood cafe, popping and breakdancing workshops, gymnastics, art therapy, photo workshops, festivals, performances, regular training of football, streetworking.

Tasks and activities

EVS volunteers will help with:
– Animation of games with elements of street working
– Animation of cultural projects
– Organization of integration events
– Organization of workshops
– Consulting shifts

Volunteers work using group method, helping with daily tasks associated with organizing a local community within the framework of the citizen’s club Apteka (eng. pharmacy) as a local center of activity (environmental diagnosis, work on the schedule of the activities, co-organization of activities based on education through play, street working, artistic workshops, workshops related to psychosocial competences). Help with organizing, planning and evaluation of integration and cultural events. In principle, our club is opened from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week and offers a variety of activities – so there is a possibility to choose activities corresponding to own interests. Volunteer will work up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Once a month volunteer will work in weekend. Detailed schedule will be specified after a consultation with the volunteer.


We are searching for young people looking for innovative projects, who are not afraid to work in conflicted and divided environments. It is welcome if the volunteer has basic English skills and is willing to study Polish, which would help a lot in the daily life of a volunteer.

Selection process

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:
Europass CV with picture (made in the last month)

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one.

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “EVS Poland Social Centre”.

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