SVE en Corbeil-Essonnes – Francia !

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in France

  • Contact person: Nora Kebel
  • Organisation: MJC FERNAND LEGER
  • Location: Corbeil-Essonnes, France
  • Deadline: 22/09/2014
  • Start: 01/02/2015
  • End: 01/02/2016
  • The volunteership is offered in a non-profit organisation called Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, nearby Paris. The MJC is dedicated to the public interest in culture by all means of expression it uses (visual arts, urban music, cultural and intergenerational exchange, street festivals, regular activities, etc.) to help young people to flourish. We aim to promote independence and development, to allow everyone access to education and culture to participate in building a more cohesive society.The MJC has activities in various fields:

    As a cultural centre we offer several activities such as theatre, music and dance lessons, drawing and pottery courses, dressmaking workshops, language courses, slam poetry, beat box and basicly anything else 🙂 We organise concerts, theatre plays and exhibitions as well.

    The aim of our activities with children is to make them conscious about their values and develop their civil identity. We are providing help for children with learning difficulties by helping them develop new methods of studying and value their creativity by cultural activities. We organise visits for school groups to our exhibitions. We organise debate workshops for young adolescents to be able to stand up for their rights, and animation and film-making workshops to be able to express themselves.

    We are active players of civil integration and social consciousness in the region, we organise language courses with local colunteers for immigrants freshly arrived in France to introduce them to the French language and culture. We organise Civil Cafés all along the school season to create public debate and an exchange of ideas in different civil topics. We are committed to spread the word of a social and solidary economy, thus we organise the Nanoub Village in cooperation with different associations in the region each year to show the richness of the civil scene.

    We are active in the musical scene of the region as well, in our studios we offer repetition for any music group and accompanying them to improve their musical and stage skills. We organise concerts with local groups and open jam sessions for musicians.

    European Awareness is also an important field in our actions, it is where the volunteer in EVS has a leader role.

    We host 1 person in EVS at a time, details about accomodation, money, etc. are kindly provided in case of interest 🙂


The role of EVS as we imagine it is to enrich all actions and projects with a European point of view, as well as operating a Europe Info Point, where young people can get any kind of information concerning Europe as a identical, political, historical and geographical unit and learn about the different possibilites of European mobility. The main mission of the EVS is to animate this Europe Info Point with a physical presence in the MJC, but also to go out to the local communities and talk about Europe and the EVS. The already existing partnerships include primary and high schools, regional workshops for professional working with young peoples and the local job centre. The MJC is open to enlarge this circle, depending on the willingness of the person in EVS. As mentioned above the person in EVS is welcomed to contribute to any activity of the MJC, likely adding a European point of view to everything he or she touches. The person in EVS will be completely integrated in the permanent staff and will be accompagnied by various professionals depending on the field of the actual activity. The main professional coordinater will be the person responsible for Youth Actions. The tutor is chosen from the members of the commettee monitoring the work of the MJC. The young volunteers of the MJC will be involved on supporting the person in EVS to discover the city, region, offer cultural activities if the person in EVS is up to it. A timetable for 30 hours per week will be set up after the early introductive period.


We are looking for people who are sensitive to cultural issues and are at ease with youngsters, a good communicator ready to express him/herself in public. Interest towards the associative sector is essential, as well as a willingness to participate in community life. Open-mindness and the spirit of initiative are the most important qualities for us, experience in setting up projects would be an extra advantage. As our project is very much related to communication, a minimum conversational level of French language is required.


The selection proces is simple, we make a selection among the candidates according to their profil and motivation for the project, thus we try to find the most adequate ones. With these people we organise Skype interviews in order to ‘meet’ them and see their commitment to the project.

Remember to write in the email that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges ES-2010-120!!!
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