SVE en Polonia en asuntos sociales y europeos


Call for long term EVS volunteers  – 12 months  – START – 01 of September 2014

Foundation Mobilni Polacy is looking for volunteers for long term (12 months) EVS in Poland.

Activities start on 1st of September, 2014

Place:  Milicz, 56-300, Lower Silesia, near to Wroclaw,  Poland

Project description:
The » Province is a state of mind not place on the map of Europe» aims to further overcome the local community county Milicz xenophobic attitudes and broadening understanding of the benefits of the idea of  a common Europe for Poles.

 This is a general, main objective but we also have smaller ones which will be necessary to achieve the realization of the main goal.

 They are:
1. Work with youth and children at risk of social exclusion ( in daily centres , gyms , sports halls, stadiums, swimming pool ) – awareness of the possibilities offered by the modern Europe , strengthening their proactive attitudes , indicating effective tools for searching a job in future.

2. Working with disabled people – to open them in a variety of other forms of non-verbal communication , extend their range of experience .

3. Working with pupils from high schools in the small towns/villages  in the area of ​​broadening their perspectives, career aspirations and life and language capabilities . Youth learning in schools in the district Milicz has far fewer opportunities to access a wide range of positive patterns of behaviour, or even sources of knowledge. The fact that «everything is on the internet » unfortunately does not make young people can benefit from this knowledge and use it in order to broaden their opportunities to learn or work.

Bellow links to our host organizations:

Fundacja Mobilni Polacy :

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Dzieci i Osób Niepełnosprawnych

Powiat Milicki

Urząd Miejski w Miliczu



If You are interested in please send to us ( your CV and motivation letter.


Remember to write in the email that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges ES-2010-120


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