The YES youth project at the end of the mobiliy


24 youths from 4 European countries, youths that are now much better prepared to work in international teams and are more tolerant!

Young Efficientsis an inclusion project, which in volved organizations and participants from the programme participating countries (Romania, Spain and Portugal) and from a country neighboring the European Union – Republic of Moldova.
The main activity took place in Eforie Nord between the 9th and 16th of July 2019 with 24 youths with ages between 18 and 30, 6 out of each country, 3 attendants for 3 persons with severe disabilities and 4 group leaders.
Themes tackled during the mobility had the following subjects: disability, non discrimination, inclusion, tolerance, entrepreneurship. Non formal education methods were used: knowing each other games, worshops, cultural visits, team tasks, team building, group facilitated discussions, open air activities.
The proposed activities have contributed to the improvement of the 24 young participants in the following ways:
 developed a spirit of solidarity, tolerance, understanding by interacting with disabled participating youth, the youths have managed to overcome the challenges of society
 increased motivation and active participation by being implicated in all phases of the project
 developed communication skills, including the english language and team spirit by facilitating workshops, sport activities proposed during the mobility and by preparing and by having the international press conference;
 eliminated social and cultural barriers, stereotypes and prejudices trough intercultural dialog;

developed new abilities that would facilitate the acces to the labor market for the youths

During the mobility the youths understood that there isn’t a single way to solve a problem and learned to:
 accept challenges;
 not generalize;
 realize and think that words can hurt those present;
 realized that it’s possible to discriminate trough words and attitudes;

The participants have received the European Youth certificate Youth Pass which certifies the competencies earned during the mobility.
YES is financed with funds given by the European Comission trough the Erasmus+ Programme, Keyaction KA105 – Youth Mobilities, managed and monitored in Romania by ANPCDEFP – National Agency for Community projects in the domains of Education and Vocational training.

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