People who have already some experience in delivering workshops or are really willing to do it in their professional future. Our training is an opportunity to develop trainer’s skills, so participants who have already some experience in this education area can increase it to start doing even better workshops or trainings.

TOT is also adapted to people without experience but very strong motivated to be a trainer.  The educational approach implemented during the TC intends to allow for various learning needs of participants to be identified and pursued individually through group work and simulation of training development, design and implementation.

At the core of this process is the competence of the participant to direct his/her own learning. The group as a source for peer learning and the trainers as coaches during the learning processes are essential pillars of this approach.

Non Formal Education with elements of Formal informative sessions and practical exercises. That way we can cover knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainers in the training course.

Access to the toolkit

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