Urgente! Voluntariado en guardería de Hungría


Te ofrecemos este Voluntariado europeo en Hungría donde ya hay 3 españoles de nuestra organización trabajando allí. Lee la experiencia de Nacho.


10th January-30 June 2016

About the project:

It starts on the 1-st of September, and lasts until the 1-st of July 2016 (300days). The holidays of the volunteers will be partly determinated by the official holidays of the Kindergarten, it will be 20 days in total.

Our organisation will host under this projects in 4 different kindergartens 18 volunteers from Germany,Austria, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

The volunteers will have the possibility to participate in the work of the coordinating organisation, they will stay in an info centre and inform young people about EVS on a weekly basis and they can also participate in our short-term projects about gardening.

The volunteer’s tasks are:

– General daily work: playing, walking, helping at meals, take care of children,

– Keep contact with cultural organisations in the city and make a plan: visiting exhibitions in the Children’s house, going to the theatre to see a tale or puppet show,

– Organising celebrations of the holidays or birthdays of the children (They can show their habits in their country.),

The volunteers work with guidance and help of the kindergarten teacher and a nursemaid. They take part in the trainings, outdoor programmes too.

Example for a day:

This is the daily routine of the children, where the volunteer has to take an active role:

 Games and freetime activities inside or outside; Gymnastics; Development programme for kids in groups or individually; Working with experiences from our surroundings; Poems, tales, singing, music, games, painting, drawing, handicraft, work; Getting clean

 If the volunteers want, they can join other activities in our schools or in the hostel occasionally. Afternoons in their free time they can take part in workshops, sports, cultural programmes, but if they have any idea we provide possibilities to realise it. Our previous volutneers organised an intercultural event for the parents and the children, that is usually a great success.

 The volunteers will work in the kindergarten every day from 7.30-13.00.

 Every Thursday the volunteers will have to be in the office of the coordinating organisation, where they will eveluate their weekly activity and plan, prepare their own projects.

 They will also have their language class together with other volunteers at the coordinating organisation twice a week.

Worktime: 34 hours, 5×6 hours /week + 4 in the coordinating organisation. Two days free.

Hungarian lessons: for the first 4 months 2 times a week, after once a week.

Variety and balance of tasks:

The main activities of the project will take place in two kindergartens with 3-7 aged children.

The host organsiation has weekly and daily schedule, planned the development fields. Every day we have different development topics, for example:

 Monday: get to know the outside world

 Tuesday: Tales, poems, drawing, handicraft

 Wednesday: Tales, poems, «playing with numbers» – figures

 Thursday: Moving – Gymnastics

 Friday: get to know the outside world – by songs, music

The volunteer will always work together with a kindegarten teacher or a nursemaid.

National holidays are free (except there is a concrete programme of the organisation, but she will be compensated) and the volunteer will get two days off per month. If she has to work during weekends she’ll get that day during the week or she can add it to her holidays.

More information about practicalities:

The volunteers cannot come by car and no parents can accompany the volunteers (they can come to visit, but not at the beginning of the project).

Important infos about financial issues:

The volunteers will have to live together – in the same room max. 2 people – with other volunteers in the flat that we already use for volunteers for years now. They will have to collect invoices about the food money that is app. 37.000 HUF (app. 120 EURs). They will receive the pocket money (90 EURs, app. 28.000 HUF), and they can use it freely. The houses are adjusted to the needs of our current volunteers, that we hope is also suitable for the needs of your volunteers as well. They will have responsibility for those things in the flats that are used by them, and if they destroy something they will have to pay it from their pocket money.

They will live in 2 flats, with 4-5 people in one flat and in one big house with 9 people.

They will get monthly ticket to the local bus.

The volunteers should accept that the money they receive and the living standards are a little bit above the Hungarian average of a worker – even their collegues in the kindergarten, although they work 40 hours a week and have familites to sustain. Therefore, the volunteers should adjust their neccesities to the circumstances that we can offer them.

Info about Pécs:


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YouTube video

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