Voluntariado europeo en guardería de Polonia


Fechas y lugar

project dates

 A total of 26 week(s) during the period Jun 2017 to Dec 2017

project location

 Poznańska 11/13, 87-100 Toruń Poland

one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Poland – the birthplace of the most famous Polish astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus. Toruń was located within the borders of the Kingdom of Poland, then the Teutonic state.

The ruins of Teutonic castle and many others precious monuments of the past can be seen in Toruń.

The complex of the Old and New Town of Toruń is a unique in the world. Owing to this fact the city was included in the UNESCO World Culture Heritage Landmarks List in 1997.

Sobre la organización de acogida

The Voluntary Labour Corps (OHP) is a state organization, the key functions of which include:
 actions intended to support the system of education through social, occupational, and
economic activation of young people,
 actions that are supposed to improve vocational qualifications of people or to retrain them,
 backing any initiatives intended to counteract unemployment and to nurture youths in the process of work performance, including employment process organization and organization of international co-operation between young people around the world.
The primary objective of OHP is to create adequate conditions for proper social and vocational development of young people, including special actions that are addressed to disfavoured young people who are supported by OHP and such support consists in organization of various forms of going out of poverty, unemployment, and social pathology effects.
Actions taken by OHP are addressed to the groups of young people aged 15-25 years.

project description

The main objective of the project „ EVS – Each Volunteer Share the experience” is to help young people at risk of social exclusion through a variety of educational activities, primarily by non-formal methods and intercultural learning. Thanks to the project VLC participants are expected to increase their European awareness, acquire new skills, expand its level of involvement in social life and become more tolerant towards other nationalities. This will be achieved through cooperation with volunteers from Europe who will share their passions, skills, and ideas with young people, but will also affect them in a much less formal way, not only through workshops conducted non-formal methods. The project involves also preparing workshop about new technologies and social media by volunteers.

The project aims to contribute to social inclusion , as well as improving educational offer VLC for the young people from the local community in Torun, Bydgoszcz and Włocławek. The project will also enable participants to VLC and other young people to familiarize themselves with alternative methods of spending leisure time, it is especially important for young people with fewer opportunities, mostly because it does not have many opportunities to develop their interests and passions. The project will take place in Torun, Wloclawek and Bydgoszcz from June 2017 till August 2018.
Phases of the project:
 3 volunteers at 3 different towns from 17th June 2017 till end of December 2017

accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will be accommodated in a city where they will realise project: Toruń or Bydgoszcz or Włocławek. The re-foundation for travel costs depend on the country (Erasmus+ calculator): Austria – 275EU, Spain: 275EU, Italy: 275EU. 

Tasks of volunteers will be largely flexible and depend on their preferences, talents and interests, or the direction in which they want to develop themselves, but will mainly include:
 support in conducting educational activities for young people VLC
 workshops of new technologies and social media for young
 support in the current functioning of the organizational units of VLC in dependence on the current needs
 support in conducting classes devoted to creative spending leisure time for participants VLC, children and young people from the local environment during the seasonal action carried out by the VLC (eg. Action Winter, Action Summer ), as well as during the current functioning of the units
 planning and conducting cultural workshops
 planning and conducting language workshops
 involvement in the functioning of VLC units for the local community
 assisting in the meetings about the project, EVS and Erasmus+ at local universities and school
 participation in eurolessons conducted by the local Eurodesk office
 planning and realization of their own small project in accordance with the allocated budget and deadlines
 promotion of the project in the Internet using a freely chosen means (facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter, flickr, blog, etc.)
 taking parts with action and workshops which include cooperation with local foundation and associations.

volunteer profile

We are looking for volunteers who want to cooperate with youth (preparing classes, extra trainers, interesting events, inspiring meetings). The volunteer should be creative and open person who doesn't afraid of presenting, speaking and working with youth.

Cómo solicitar este voluntariado en guarderías de Polonia

Please download and  fill this documents: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cqd30j12iat0quv/AAASMnNxA1tknyAl63Y6emnOa?dl=0

Send us an email with your CV, our form and letter of motivation to "Asociacionbb@gmail.com" with subject "EVS Poland Jagoda. YOUR NAME.YOUR SURNAME"

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