SERVICIO VOLUNTARIADO EUROPEO CON GITANOS con todos los gastos pagados por Erasmus+ de viaje, alojamiento, comida, seguro, idiomas y manutención.


Dear future volunteers,
I am the coordinator of volunteers in organisation called Diocesan Caritas Ostrava-Opava and recently we look for the participant from A total of 48 week(s) during the period 02/09/2019 to 31/07/2020

Deadline to send applications: Application deadline: 17/01/2019

Project: Project will take place in Ostrava which is the third biggest city of the Czech Republic. The volunteer will do his/her service in our two low threshold facilities in which he/she will work with children and youth (3-19), mainly Roma origin, who live in socially excluded areas of Ostrava. The volunteer will prepare workshops and leisure time activities for children. The volunteer will also participate in trips held by the centers and events organized by the charity and daily activities of the centers. 

Diocesan Caritas has a long tradition in cooperation with local volunteers as far as help for Ukraine is concerned. Thanks to EVS we want to offer opportunity our local volunteers and clients and other young people interested in volunteering to travel abroad, meet new culture and people, to learn something new and gained new experience.

As hosting organisation

The motivation to host volunteers through European voluntary service in our organization comes from previous experience with German volunteers. This experience was very valuable for our staff but mainly for our clients, especially for children and youth from Roma communities who are our major clients. It was extraordinary fun for them to meet somebody who does not speak Czech and who comes with new activities and behaviour. To our clients, the volunteers mean something new in their daily routine since most of them do not have previous experience with people from abroad. It is also a positive change for them to meet a new people in their familiar environment.

It is a benefit for our workers to work with foreign volunteers too. They can obtain new inspiration and learn new approaches at work with clients. The volunteers´ presence brings motivation and eliminates everyday stereotype.

I would like to mention that we find volunteer for one year (start on November 2016), secondly the volunteer will work mainly with Roma children and youth, aged 3- 19, in socially excluded areas. It is not easy work, as children have different behaviour as we have, but on the other hand they are very grateful for your interest because they are not used to it, therefore when they get to know you better, it is very nice to work with them.

The volunteer helps six hours a day and he/she can join to trip once a month. We expect from the volunteer that he/she will be active, open and friendly, on the other side we help him/her with everything we can. The work is focused on leisure time of children: help with preparation of activities, help with daily preparations of clubs, participation in trips of the centers and events of the charity. We also expect that the volunteer will prepare his/her own activities through workshops. We are open to volunteer´s idea and we can adjust project according it.

Each year we accept only two volunteers because in EVS we prefer quality before quantity and we want to give the volunteer as much as possible. The volunteers have reconstructed flat directly in charity headquarter so they are almost in daily contact with coordinator and they can meet each other immediately when solving something. The flat is fully equiped (fridge,microwave, beds, wifi…) and contains 2 rooms (one for each volunteer), kachen and bathroom. The flat is situated in the city center, 5-10 minutes by trolleybus to our centers where volunteers work.

On our website you will find the presentation about our organisation and information about the Czech Republic and Ostrava, you will also find there the activities of the volunteer. I think these information may help you to decide if you really want to spend a year in the Czech Republic, Ostrava. Please, read the documents carefuly. I also ask you to fill in EVS questionnaire which may help us to choose the volunteer.

Procedimiento para solicitar el Servicio Voluntariado Europeo

[box type=»note»]We will study carefully all application and selected candidates will be invite for Skype interview. The selection of volunteers will take place in the coming weeks.

We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general ESC (European Solidarity Corps) one.

The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.[/box]

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:

Europass CV with picture (made in the last month) with skype name included

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general ESC one. The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.  Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

Application form sending organisation Building Bridges (signed)

All documents written in English you can attach below with subject: “ESC CZ Ostrava. YOUR NAME. YOUR SURNAME” to

  • diana
    11 diciembre, 2017 at 1:19 am

    Buena Noche

    Hay voluntariados que no exijan ingles. (solo español) y en cual pueda acceder un colombiano.


  • admin
    11 diciembre, 2017 at 7:17 am

    hola solo si eres residente en España puedes salir con nosotros!

  • Miriam Chinea
    12 diciembre, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Buenas noches, yo estoy interesada en participar como voluntaria con ustedes, pero solo hablo español y vivo en Venezuela,pero soy comunitaria tengo mi pasaporte de la UE y residencia. Pero no he podido salir de Venezuela por los pasajes que esan exageradamente costosos. Si me llegan a seleccionar tendría que ir a instituciones que me faciliten el dinero y como ustedes reponen el monto yo lo quería utilizar

  • admin
    12 diciembre, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    hola, si on resides en España no puedes participar lo sentimos

  • manuel
    4 enero, 2018 at 11:40 am

    hola vivo en bilbao y estaria muy interesado en participar con vosotros.

  • admin
    4 enero, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Hola Manuel, da igual de donde seas, te mandamos igualmente! escríbenos y mándanos los documentos solicitados, suerte!

  • Valentina
    28 diciembre, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    Hola, buenas tardes! Me gustaría saber si hay un límite de edad para este proyecto, (como en la mayoria de los casos). La idea es que yo en mayo cumpliré 30 años y se que normalmente se pide que los voluntarios tenga por debajo de 30 años.

    Muchas gracias.

    Un cordial saludo,

  • admin
    29 diciembre, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Hola Valentina, la edad límite son 30 años, pero puedes irte hasta que no cumplas 31, pero cuando los cumplas ya no podrás incorporarte , así que date prisa!

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