Aims of the tool

“You are my leader” is a leadership game to develop decision making, time management, stress management, delegation, group facilitation and management skills of the presidents, managers, directors, etc.

Description of the tool

Leaders should have some certain skills such as decision making, critical thinking, conflict resolution, stress-management, teamwork, ethics, communication, active listening, group facilitation and management. «You are my leader» is a tool to highlight these skills that the participants have or need to develop. It is also a real life simulation to test the leadership skills of presidents, managers, directors etc. and make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader. 
The game is played with minimum 30 participants in 90 minutes with the debriefing. 
There are the instructions and debriefing questions in the attachment. There is also one more tool which is strongly recommended to apply in the next 90 min session. 
This tool was played with 32 participants from 14 countries in the Erasmus+ Mobility of Youth Workers training course «NGO Management and Administration», which took place in Sinop, Turkey between 26 November – 1 December 2018. 

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