1 plaza de voluntariado europeo en Eslovenia en un centro cultural



Trbovlje, Slovenia


2017-02-01 till 2017-10-30



Description of project:

Flux is a state of constant flow, change, movement and passage. Young people are in a constant state of learning, growing and acceptance, whit this project we want to create a creative space (with no real boundaries) where the flow of acceptance and unity is available to everyone no matter the race, sex or religious beliefs.

»Flux zone unity« is a EVS project that involves 3 EVS volunteers who will be working in the filed of creativity, theater,project development, expression and understanding the importance of unity and tolerance in today’s society. The project aims to bring understanding among the community about tolerance towards migration, differences in race, culture, age and sex trough creating an interactive space of unity with the use of creative tools such as theater, installation, sound and video.

The project is constructed of two parts.
1. The project involves 2 local partners ( Cultural center Trbovlje and Youth theater »Svoboda«) and the youth center of Trbovlje. Each EVS volunteer would carry out their service in one of the 3 organizations 3 days a week.

2. The 2 days left in the week all 3 volunteers would be working on a project that brings together their hosting organizations in to one project, which result would be a interactive installation with a hint of performance arts. Time spent planning the project would be done in the youth center with the help of a coordinator.

voluntariado europeo cultural
voluntariado europeo cultural


Trbovlje – is a culture house that consists of regular exhibitions, theater plays, cinema and hosts the biggest new media festival in Slovenia. The center is oriented towards new medias such as robotics, video, installation art and many more. The tasks of the volunteer would be to help with setting up of the exhibitions, creative promotion of events, creating promotional videos for the program.

Svoboda- Is an amateur theater group that has been active for 51 seasons. The group has many agree groups from age 5 to age 70. Yearly they host about 4 theater plays and one mayor event at the end of each year called »Stiklcki«. The task of the volunteer would be to help with the group of teenagers who prepare plays, create plays with them and the scenery for the performance and carry out street promotion through theater plays. Implement their culture through theater and learn new ways of expressing.

Trbovle – is a center that works with yound people between the ages of 15-30. The center works on enpowering youth and selfinitiative anmongs the younsters. The main working method are non formal learning, life long learning and mentorship. Development of creativit ideas and strategies is very important for this project.

voluntariado europeo cultural
voluntariado europeo cultural


Each of the three volunteers will be working three days a week in separate, above mentioned organizations with individual time sceduals, also the volunteer will be visiting other local organizations such as schools, center for reuse, and center for disabled. Two days a week all three volunteers will be working in the youth center creating the project Flux zone unity (FZU). One of the volunteers who will be working mostly in MCT will be the leader of the project. The common basis of all three organization is creativity in different fields, which the volunteers can apply in their project together. In the youth center volunteers will recognize the importance of unity, tolerance and understanding towards acceptance by discussions, brainstorming and researches. Based on their understanding and observation they will create a common space or a installation that will combine all their creative work from other organizations in to one project, a zone of understanding and acceptation. The end result would be a event where the interactive installation/ performance would we presented to the public.
Other then their major project the group of three volunteers will work under a group name and prepare monthly events in the youth center for the local youngsters. These events can be connected to their hosting organizations as well, events such as workshops, cultural evenings, exhibitions, movie nights, poetry evenings, plays, street work or any other form of interaction for the local youngsters, which would also promote EVS in the local community.

This is a project of creativity, development and implementation of ideas, carrying out project such as this help build organizational, teambuilding and time management skills.

If you believe there should be a place where all people feel equal and what to build a project on this through cretivity. Than this is a project for you!

voluntariado europeo cultural
voluntariado europeo cultural


We are looking for volunteers that are motivated for such a project and love to work in the field of theater and arts. This is a very creative project and also great for building project management skills. The volunteer should have a high amount of motivation for carrying out long term project planning and teamwork.

How to apply

becas y voluntariado socios building bridges

Building Bridges members and/or long term unemployed (proved by scanned document) will have preference to this volunteer service.

We will study carefully all application and selected candidates will be invite for Skype interview. The selection of volunteers will take place in the coming weeks.

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:

Europass CV with picture (made in the last month) with skype name included

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one. The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.

Application form (signed)

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

All documents written in English you can attach below with subject: “EVS Slovenia Vesna. YOUR NAME. YOUR SURNAME” to asociacionbbARROBAgmail.com

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