Building Bridges participa en un intercambio sobre empleo en Hungría


From three countries, all together 18 participants visited the exchange in Kéked in the North-Hungarian Region to could examine the factors of the youth which is causes their unsuccessful situation in the labour market and blocking them to integrate into the field of work.

 They found answers in a colorful cultural atmosphere by non formal learning tools, how can they prepare for these difficulties while they could get new experiences from each other and they could reorganize their experiences in new structure.

We were processing this topic through presentations, workshops, situation games and the active participation of youngsters. The youngsters made posters and slide-show presentations for pupils to motivate them before they step in to the labor market. In this presentations they processed the informations what they got during the program.

We organized wonderful trip to the mountais of Hungary, intercultural evenings and other programs where they could develop their english skills and got new competencies.

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