CEO durante un mes en Adecco


La compañía de recursos humanos Adecco ha lanzado una iniciativa mundial que tiene por objeto brindar una oportunidad laboral única a jóvenes de 50 países en los que trabaja el grupo. En el caso de España, un joven podrá convertirse en el máximo ejecutivo, presidente,  de Adecco España y desempeñar este puesto durante un mes, octubre de 2016.




Adecco is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for budding young ‘CEOs’: to spend one month this summer working alongside our senior management teams in 33 countries. Under the mentorship of Country Managers, this could be your chance to gain a unique paid internship and add some valuable experience to your CV or resume! And on top of that, you could qualify to become ‘CEO for One Month’ of the whole Adecco Group!

You will undertake business assignments, take part in events and business review meetings, and learn directly from the leaders of a Fortune 500 company in your country of residence. After your one-month internship, you could earn yourself the ultimate experience as the ‘CEO for One Month’ of the Adecco Group and work under the guidance of our global CEO, Patrick De Maeseneire.


You are young with a mature head on your shoulders, curious and enthusiastic to learn. You have an international mind-set, speak English proficiently and can adapt well to new environments and different cultures. With a keen interest in business, you can’t wait to find out what it’s like to run a multinational company.

We are looking for candidates who share our core values of team spirit, customer focus, passion, responsibility and entrepreneurship. To apply, you need to be resident in one of the 33 countries where Adecco is offering this opportunity and be available during the summer months and September.


For more information on the project as well as application form visit:

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