Curso Erasmus+ en Polonia para hacer mejores proyectos


Curso Erasmus+ «Do your projects smarter, faster and easier – IT tips for project management»

CURSO COMPLETO, pero tenemos más cursos Erasmus+ aquí


Lodz, Poland (120km west of Warsaw)


From 7 to 13th February 2015.

Presentation of results


3 people from Spain, Building Bridges will be their sending organisation.

Preferably working or willing to work in an NGO from Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal. The aim of the training is to improve the know-how of project managers or those who are working or willing to work in the non-governmental sector in the use of new media and IT programmes so that they could manage their projects smarter, faster and easier.

  •  To teach youth leaders how to build interesting and merit media-related projects,
  •  how to increase youth involvement in the project through the use of IT tools?
  •  how to improve the quality of international cooperation and build a democratic
  •  How to make it interesting thanks to the promotion and dissemination of the
  •  How to make financial management good and transparent?
  •  As a basis of these tools to build interesting merit media-related projects
  •  Efficient usage of different software (Google docs, Trello, Doodle, Tooddle, Prezi,
  • MS office (Exel, Word etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc)
  •  Learning what tools to use at various stages of the project (project planning,

Preparation, preparation, implementation – incl. accounting, promotion and we expect project managers or people who are actively involved in project work in their organizations. There is no age limit for this training!

Spółdzielnia Socjalna Varia NIP: 7252065209

ul. 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich 71/73 REGON: 101545655

90-558 Łódź

Łódź, situated in the middle of Poland, is the third city of the country. Known by its industrial past and artistic present, the city is adapting the old factories and becoming a hot spot in alternative art. The proofs of that are the murals that decorate the big walls, the well-known cinema school and the variety of art festivals that are organized all year long. It also counts with one of the longest commercial streets in Europe.

The currency of Poland is zloty (PLN). There are ATMs and currency exchange spots available all over the city, although some concrete conversions may not be accepted in the international phone code for Poland is +48.

The month of February is rather cold, with temperatures close or below zero and with a high possibility of snow (fun, isn’t it?).

As a European Union member, VISA is not requested for entering Poland. Participants once the tickets for the flight are bought. The departure is on 13th Feb 2015.

Financial conditions/Reimbursement:

13th Feb 2015. The pick-up arrangements will be established
Greece, Romania, Italy: €275 per person
Spain, Portugal: €360 per person
Note: Before buying your tickets, please remember your cost limits. Before booking the flight, please, make travel arrangement confirmation with us!

The reimbursement will be made by bank transfer after the Training up to your real travel costs but not more than your country travel limit. Please keep all the documents as we need the originals of:

Spółdzielnia Socjalna Varia NIP: 7252065209
ul. 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich 71/73 REGON: 101545655
90-558 Łódź

If you are travelling by plane we will need all these documents! Missing documents won’t be reimbursed. Travel costs cannot be reimbursed if it’s made before 1 should have tickets for 7th Feb (to come) and 13th Feb (to leave) – if you have to buy tickets for one day earlier (6th) or later (14th) – we need to know it as soon as possible to inform the National Agency. Accommodation and lodging are covered by 100% by the Erasmus+ programme. These expenses will be covered only from the date of arrival (7 Feb) till the departure date (13th Feb).

There will be insurance provided by the organizers.
Also, it is very important that you notify us of any health risk or possibly necessary medicines, special food arrangements (as vegetarians, intolerances…) and so on.
Łódź is the third biggest Polish city and it’s situated in the center of Poland. To get here you can consider the following airports: There are several cheap buses connecting Łódź with other Polish and European cities. Train is also an option, you can find timetable here VISA is not requested for entering Poland. Participants are expected to arrive on 23rd and leave on 29th of September.

Further details and support informations about the travel to and inside Poland will be provided when the ticket buying procedure will begin.

The training is financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

Application DEADLINE for all candidates is 16th Jan (next Friday).
We will contact only candidates we find suitable, asking for further skype or telephone interview.

Please check the infopack of the project for further details.

Selection process

In 2 steps:

1. Please send your CV and motivation letter to with subject «TC Lodz» and the application form.

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities. 

ES67 0081 1534 5900 0116 4823 / BSAB ESBB


  • Joaquín
    13 enero, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Buenas noches: ¿la cuota de 40 € hay que pagarla aún no sabiendo si hemos sido escogidos? ¿Nos la devuelven en tal caso por transferencia bancaria? Muchas gracias y un saludo.

  • admin
    13 enero, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    Hola, la cuota hay que pagarla antes, en caso de que no sean escogidos se devuelve por el modo de pago que hayas elegido (Paypal o transferencia bancaria). te esperamos!

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