Oferta de trabajo internacional con el CCIVS


Apuntate a esta nueva oferta de trabajo internacional en administración con el CCIVS, organismo de coordinación para el servicio voluntario internacional.


Job title: Administrative Officer

Status of post: The Administrative Officer is employed by CCIVS under the responsibility of the Executive Committee. S/he is accountable and reports to the Director. The post is based at the Secretariat in Paris. This is a full time employment starting from August 2018 on a one year contract under French legislation (CDD for one year), prospective for permanent position.

Place: Paris, France

Closing date for applications: 22 September 2018


Founded in 1948, CCIVS is a coordinating body for international voluntary service (IVS) organisations it is made up of 200 diverse independent grassroots organisations in 80+ countries around the world (including three international networks SCI, ICYE & IBO) coming together under a common banner and vision that of social change through IVS and the ultimate goal of world peace. These organisations mobilise 40.000 volunteers per year and work with 3000 local communities.

CCIVS acts as a link to establish relations between the members and international institutions such as the EU, different UN agencies or foundations.


Networking and International Representation: CCIVS organises inter-regional projects of IVS organisations, global meetings and participates in institutional forums and high level meetings (UN, INGOS, public and private stakeholders) to defend the priorities of the International Voluntary Service Movement

Training and Capacity building: Trainings for volunteers, leaders, trainers and staff of IVS organisations to develop the organisational capacities of members

Communication and campaigns: CCIVS puts IVS organisations and other institutions into contact and provides information, materials and tools. Promotion of campaigns to raise visibility and strengthen the work of IVS organisations.


a- Responsabilidades


  • To promote and develop the work of CCIVS subject to the decisions of the General Assembly and the Executive Committee, under the authority of the Director.
  • To be in charge of the financial and administrative work of the CCIVS Secretariat working in cooperation with the CCIVS Programs Coordinator and CCIVS Director.


b- Tareas especificas

Administration and Logistics



  • To contribute to the implementation of actions decided at the General Assembly and implementation of the action plan;

  • Carry out all administrative work and logistics support for the Secretariat;

  • Ensure financial reporting (under the supervision of the Programme Coordinator) for the CCIVS Secretariat;

  • To ensure the timely reimbursement of participants;

  • To ensure the logistic implementation of projects and other events of CCIVS;

  • To keep the Databases of CCIVS up to date;

  • To relay financial reporting to the CCIVS accountant and to control the end of year accounts together with the Programme Coordinator and CCIVS Director;

  • To assist the Director and Project coordinator with any administrative needs;

  • To travel when needed and support with the administrative and logistical work of an event.


Volunteer Support

  • Acting as a mentor for the CCIVS volunteers


  • In addition, the Administrative Officer may be expected to undertake other appropriate tasks at the request of the Director and the Executive Committee.
  • To share the life and the ongoing operations of the small permanent team of CCIVS


Perfil oferta de trabajo internacional

CCIVS is looking for a person who is open, willing to learn and to actively engage with the work of CCIVS. In addition to the responsibilities written below, CCIVS offers the chance to learn about the workings of an international network, to engage with people coming from diverse countries around the world and to discover the work of IVS organisations.  CCIVS is looking for someone who:

    1. Supports the aims of CCIVS in promoting volunteering and international voluntary service programmes and activities to promote mutual understanding, reconciliation, inter-cultural learning, sustainable development and peace.
    2. Has experience in administrative work
    3. Has experience of volunteering and working with volunteers.
    4. Is a good communicator.
    5. Has a good working knowledge of English and French. Knowledge of other UN official languages is an advantage.
    6. Is able to work independently, fitting personal initiatives into the overall Plan of Action.
    7. Is able to respect, develop and work in team spirit.
    8. Is ready to work long and flexible hours when necessary, sometimes under pressure.


Otras informaciones

  1. Administrative Officer is directly responsible to the Director, who supervises the Administrative Officer on behalf of the Executive Committee.
  2. Administrative Officer will be based at the Secretariat in Paris, but can be expected to travel on occasion when needed to support meetings, conferences, seminars, and project visits.
  3.  The working hours are 35 hours per week according to French legislation. Working hours are flexible, irregular and sometimes long.
  1. The Administrative Officer will be expected to participate on occasion in evening, week- end and even longer residential meetings, conferences, trainings, etc.
  2. Annual leave consists of 2.5 days per month according to French legislation (i.e. 30 working days or 5 weeks for a full year of effective employment). Time off in lieu may be taken in mutual agreement with the Director and the Executive Committee.
  3. The monthly brut salary is 151635 heures 50% of local transportation is also covered by CCIVS.
  4. This is a full time employment starting from August 2018 on a one year contract under French legislation (CDD) prospective for permanent position.
  5. There is no subsistence allowance for overnight stays and residential meetings.
  6. There is a probationary period according to French law for a CDD contract
  7. The period of notice in the event of resignation or dismissal would be that fixed by the collective agreement for the corresponding group. The employee should notify the Director of her/his resignation. Notice on behalf of CCIVS is served by the Director.
  8. This “terms and conditions of service” will be submitted to the prospective employee for mutual consent before the appointment is taken up.


Application oferta de trabajo internacional

CV and motivation letter to the CCIVS Secretariat, by e-mail at secretariat@ccivs.org

Closing date for applications: 22 September 2018

Interviews will take place on the 24/09 the position will be taken up in on the 01/10.



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