Pablo nos cuenta come le fue en este proyecto pedagógico en Bélgica


Hi, I’m Pablo. During my stay in «Le Fagotin» I participated in a pedagogical project, which consisted in supervising sessions for groups of children. The aim of these sessions was to inculcate kids certain moral values related to respect for animals and the environment, as well as to encourage teamwork.
During these sessions, the children carried out activities from 09:00 till 16:00 o’clock, these activities consisted mainly of walking through the forest, taking care of the animals, didactic games, making bread, making cakes, collecting fruits and vegetables, artistic works, etc.
The children I worked with were between 3 and 15 years old and came from different parts of Belgium.

On the other hand, in «Le Fagotin» I also participated in the manual work. These consisted of helping on the farm feeding the animals, caring for the orchards, cleaning the stable, building a hut, etc.

During my stay I was always supervised, and the treatment I received was unbeatable.
If you like animals, lead a healthy life away from the big agglomerations of cities and learn about the culture of rural Belgium, Le Fagotin is the ideal place for you.
It has been an extraordinary experience.

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