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Ago 18
14 plazas voluntariado Erasmus en guarderías de Varsovia, Polonia

The Polish Foundation is searching for 14 European volunteers who would like to join our Erasmus+ project “(Dis)appearing (dis)abilities” in October 2018 until June/September 2019 (depending on the hosting organization) in Poland. Volunteering activities will take place in 7 Receiving Organizations: 3 special kindergartens, a regular kindergarten for children with special nutritional needs, a primary […]

Sep 13
Voluntariado en Polonia con ancianos y discapacitados

Project title: “E VS. PL” (Europe vs. Poland) Venues: Sępólno Krajeńskie, Poland (2013-PL-170) Więcbork, Poland (2013-PL-171) Dates: March 7th, 2016 – March 6th, 2017 (3 volunteers in Więcbork: Greece, Italy, Spain) Project outline For the next (April 30th deadline) we are going to apply with the project designed for 9 volunteers from 9 different countries. […]

Ago 27
1 plaza de SVE en Polonia para un chico

Deadline for candidates: 7/09/15 Dear future volunteers! In the document below (INFO PACK) you will find descriptions of the EVS projects. All of them are long-term voluntering opportunities ( 9—10 months) . We are seleccting for 13 free places and we are awaiting your applications! In case of any questions please, do not hesitate to contact us! […]

Jun 07
URGENTE! voluntariado en escuela para discapacitados en Polonia

APPLICATION DEADLINE: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE DURATION: 9 MONTHS BEGINING: OCTOBER 2015 VACANCIES: 1 PLACE: The School Complex nr 16 in Białystok (Poland) School description: The Complex School No. 16 in Bialystok trains and educates young people with intellectual disability. In our school there are about 205 students aged 16-24 years old. It consists of the following schools: […]

Jun 02
URGENTE! Plaza SVE en Polonia desde Julio

Location: Bialystok, Poland Period: 9 months Start: 1st of July 2015 Name of the organisation: Caritas Archidiecezji Białostoskiej Number of volunteers: 1 Description of the organisation Environmental Self-Help Home (polish acronym ´SDS) was established in 2011 by Caritas Archidiecezji Białostockiej. It is a day care post which was designed for 45 people with intellectual disabilities and the […]

May 20
URGENTE! Plaza SVE en Polonia desde el 15 de Junio

Call for long term EVS volunteers from Spain. Period: 12 months START: 15th of June 2015 Place: Milicz Project description The project “Volunteers, unemployed, students and people with disabilities together looking for their place in the labour market in Europe.” is going to be realized in municipality of Milicz also most of the activities will […]

Feb 17
La experiencia de Flor como SVE en Polonia

Hola chicas y chicos! Escribo desde Milicz un pequeño pero acogedor pueblo situado al suroeste de Polonia, que se encuentra a 5º kilómetros de Breslavia (Wroclaw). Ya han pasado casi 6 meses de que me lancea vivir esta maravillosa experiencia cuando parecía que no había oportunidades en el horizonte para iniciarme en el mercado laboral como […]

Ene 23
Plaza de SVE en Poznan, Polonia

Name of the project: «Together for change» Place: Poznan, Poland Duration: 12 months  Starting dates: March Number of volunteers: 1 Deadline: 30/01/2015 Accommodation: shared flat with other EVS fully equiped Food: monthly paid food equivalent Pocket money: 80 euro per month Travel: 275 euro Our association, called Association for Social Cooperatives (Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Spółdzielni Socjalnych), has worked within the social economy […]

Ene 13
SVE proyecto social en Cracovia, Polonia

Polish Medical Mission is looking for 3 volunteers to participate in a social project.Volunteers will work with youngster and people with physical or mental disabilityFrom candidates PMM requires high motivation to work on social project and age between 18-30 years old. DEADLINE: 20/01/2015 ACTIVITY: August/September TYPE: Social project DURATION: 12 months LOCATION: Cracov, Poland Long […]