Servicio Voluntario Europeo en Arad (Rumanía) sobre educación, periodismo y programas europeos


The “Life+” project involves: 3 group stages of 5 months each, involving 15 EVS volunteers coming from countries such as: Spain, Italy and Poland.


The volunteers will be hosted in Arad, Romania and will work in collaboration with local partners and local volunteers, developing the following activities:

Activities EVS in Romania

  1. First Aid” Workshops

  • Addressed to youngsters in Arad;

  • Volunteers need to select and create risk situations which can produce panic within the victims and the witnesses and need to elaborate a plan of intervention to help those persons until specialized help arrives. This way they will help other youngsters from the local community face these kinds of situations and be able to save lives. We will not encourage volunteers, however, to approach really serious case that need specialized intervention, but cases in which they can use non-formal methods such as: role plays, simulations, posters, theatre and energizers.

  1. Educational activities of spending leisure time in medical units from Arad

  • They will spend time with young persons submitted to hospitals suffering from non-contagious diseases;

  • They will: play indoor and outdoor games, develop different creative workshops etc.

  1. Support actions of promoting the Erasmus + Project

  • Erasmus+ workshops in one of the universities in Arad;

  • Street theatre, boardgames etc.

  1. Journalistic activities

  • Create and manage a Facebook page of the project;

  • Create a magazine of the project (1 issue/stage);

  • Create and promote 6 movies (2/stages regarding their learning outcomes)



EVS will start on 1st October 2015 to 30th February 2016 for 5 months.

How to apply?

In order to apply, you need to send  your motivation letter and CV in English to with subject EVS Life+. Your sending organisation will be Building Bridges.

More information about EVS in Arad, Rumania.

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