1 plaza de Voluntariado corta duración en Turquía en festival de cultura y arte


Seguimos con ofertas de Servicio Voluntario Europeo de corta duración con una oferta SVE desde octubre para 2 meses en Turquía gracias a un proyecto para ayudar a niños. ¿Quieres ser tú el siguiente voluntari@? ¡Sigue leyendo!

¡Lee las experiencias de nuestras voluntarias allí!

Mi vídeo del voluntariado en Turquía

Mari Trini, Carla y Andrea, voluntarias europeas en Turquía

Mari Trini en Turquía gestionando proyectos culturales en su voluntariado europeo


The EVS project «Transposition» needs a volunteer for the periods:

8-10-18 / 5-12-18

17-12-18 / 13-2-19

We expect the volunteer to have an experience in art & culture field.


Sinop, Turkey

Sinop is situated on the most northern edge of the Turkish side of the Black Sea coast. It is also the capital of the Sinop Region.

Every day there is a flight between Istanbul and Sinop and it takes 1 and a half hour. Istanbul is 12 hours away by bus and Ankara is 6 hours away by bus.

The history of Sinop dates back to the 12.000 B.C. It has served as an important sea port for the civilizations throughout the history. Sinop is now the home of a wide colony of fisher boats, a university, 39.000 inhabitants and the Biennial, sailing competitions, climbing excursions in Tatlıca Waterfalls, cynic philosopher Diogenes, ancient prison, walls of Sinop and volcanic and historic remnants are the distinctive cultural features of Sinop.

voluntariado corta duracion turquia
voluntariado corta duracion turquia


Tasks of the volunteers:

Sinop organisation was established as an NGO in Sinop to develop and implement economic, social and cultural strategies of Sinop, which has a vision of being cultural and educational tourism town.

In May 2014, the stakeholders of Sinopale – The International Sinop Biennial which has been performing since 2006 established Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi to stimulate the cultural synergy to the way to the social and economic development of the town.

The Hal Building, where the center of our association is located is being transfered into a platform where social, cultural, economical services and products will be developed. With the support of the Municipality of Sinop and the collaboration of the Association of European Culture, Chameleon Project Management & Design, The Innovative Industrial Research Center of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and the Association of Street is Ours, Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi will coordinate and bring the Hal Meeting Center project to life.

With the Hal Meeting Center, Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi aims to develop projects in order to support social and cultural entrepreneurship and encourage active citizenship with the collaboration of NGOs, public institutions and private sectors. Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi has two offices both in Sinop, where the main office is, and in Istanbul. The staff in these offices work together in coordination.

Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi has experienced staff of Sinopale – the Sinop Biennial, which was supported by the
Association of European Culture until 2014 for 10 years. Since 2014, Sinop Surdurulebilir Kalkinma Dernegi has been conducting Sinopale with its experienced staff. Sinopale, International Sinop Biennial is the title of an international project that, in the context of local development, draws the civil society together with the purpose of building a dialogue through culture and arts, within the framework of the “artistic production based on sharing” model.

This project is realised biennially and aims at working at urban, national and international levels in order to make citizens of all ages perceive a new living spaces of their own with a vision for the future, reflect on urban problems, share the historical collective memory and organise it by means of artistic production, and to create a better social living space.

Sinopale has had also mid-performances during the whole year since 2015. There has been workshops which meet the artists and experts with the locals.



It was established in Sinop, Turkey in 2012. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation, which has 35 members. It is very active on the field of non- formal education, science, ecology, entrepreneurship, local handicrafts, youth programs and volunteering, especially in
Erasmus+ programs.

It provides non-formal education abroad and in Sinop with multi-cultural atmosphere for the young people. We send them to European countries to learn in international group of young people such as youth exchanges, training courses for youth and youth volunteering. At the same time we host European young people here in Sinop for youth exchanges for their personal and social development and for volunteering for the disabled people. We are also the accredited as coordinating, sending and hosting organization for the European Voluntary Service. Within EVS we host young volunteers in Sinop for 2 months to work in the rehabilitation center for the mentally and physically disabled people.

We provide traineeship in Sinop for the university students whose major is SEN. We also organize student exchange programs with different countries. It also works for the disadvantaged women by giving English, handicraft and cooking courses.

We raise awareness on the animal rights. Therefore we provide volunteering activities with their young people to work in the animal shelter in Sinop. We organize sales with the young people for fund raising to buy dog and cat food and medical equipment.

It provides young volunteers for Sinopale (the international Sinop Biennial) to assist the artists and curators with their performances.

Travel covered costs and conditions

SPAIN 530 €

This EVS is funded by European Comission, so food, pocket money, accommodation and transport (up to 530 € return ticket) will be covered.

We will reimburse the travel costs in cash up to the maximum amounts. If the ticket is purchased by the sending organisation, we will transfer the amount to their bank account when we get the original invoice.

The volunteer should bring the original ticket(s), the boarding pass(es) and the photocopied stamped pages of their passports at the borders!

Before you buy the ticket please get in touch with hosting organisation, the project coordinator .Also you can get in touch with her through WhatsApp or Facebook messanger.

Your flight most probably will land in Istanbul. Istanbul – Sinop flights are very expensive during the summer and some holiday periods in Turkey. If your expenses are excess, you can  take the bus from Istanbul to Sinop, which is quite cheap, around 25 €.

As for the volunteers from outside Europe, please consult the Turkish Embassy in your country and ask them the necessary papers we should send. Please bring the original invoice for any type of visa you should pay for in order to be reimbursed.

EU citizens cannot stay in Turkey longer than 3 months. As for the volunteers who will stay here 6 months, please call the Turkish Embassy in your country and ask them what kind of papers they ask for a long stay in Turkey. We will send you the necessary papers.

The tasks of Building Bridges as the sending organisation:

They are responsible for preparing the volunteer for EVS. They will provide their insurance. They will help the volunteers get their visa and flights.

They will keep in touch with the volunteers and the contact person of the coordinating organisation. They will disseminate the project and the project results in their environment.

The tasks of the hosting organisation:

They are responsible for the learning and the safety of the volunteer. They will be in charge of practical arrangements of the volunteers. They will be in contact with the mentor. They will keep the track of the working hours of the volunteers. The hosting organisation will be responsible for inviting the members, press, locals and other volunteers to the cultural evening that the volunteer will organise. They are also responsible for giving the volunteer a Youthpass certificate at the end of the activity. They will also disseminate the project and the project results in their environment.


It as the coordinating organisation has to have all the invoices/tickets and boarding passes in originals in order to reimburse all the expenses in the project. It is responsible for checking the tasks of all the actors in the project. It will give each volunteer 177+223=400€ in cash for their individual support and food for 59 days as soon as they arrive in Sinop. It will also reimburse their travel cost up to the maximum amount according to the Erasmus+ program. The coordinating organisation will transfer 100€ to the partners after each of the activity. It is responsible for the reporting the project with the tickets, invoices, boarding passes, photocopied pages of the passports which
were stamped at the borders, notes of the banks and the solid outcomes of the volunteers. It will be responsible to disseminate the project and its results in their environment. The coordinating organisation has to sign and stamp the EVS Activity Agreement with the partners and the volunteers.

It as the hosting organisation will orientate the volunteer to her/his service and the environment. It will provide a mentor for the volunteer and will organise regular mentor meetings every week to provide some certain skills to the volunteer: basic information on SEN methodology, competences on personal development and intercultural competences.

It will help the volunteer develop a tool to provide a new skill for the disabled person. It will be responsible to disseminate the project and its results in their environment.  as the hosting organisation will provide a Youthpass certificate for the volunteer at the end of her/his activity.


Cómo solicitar este voluntariado corta duración

We will study carefully all application and selected candidates will be invite for Skype interview. The selection of volunteers will take place in the coming weeks.

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:

Europass CV with picture (made in the last month) with skype name included

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one. The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.

Application form (signed)

[button color=»purple» link=»dropbox.com/sh/cqd30j12iat0quv/AAASMnNxA1tknyAl63Y6emnOa?dl=0″ size=»bigger» target=»_blank» icon=»momizat-icon-pencil»]Motivation letter[/button]

[button color=»orange2″ link=»https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cqd30j12iat0quv/AAASMnNxA1tknyAl63Y6emnOa?dl=0″ size=»bigger» target=»_blank» icon=»momizat-icon-file3″]Application form Building Bridges[/button]

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

All documents written in English you can attach below with subject: “EVS Sinop Turkey Irem. YOUR NAME. YOUR SURNAME” to asociacionbbARROBAgmail.com

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