Becas Croacia Erasmus: la experiencia de Ark y Paulina


We are Ark and Paulina, two students from Spain that had have the opportunity of being able to participate in the Training Course about Social Entrepreneurship in Split from the 11 th of June till the 16 th of June. This fact has been possible thanks to the coordination between “Building Bridges” organization from Spain and the “Klub Mladih” organization from Croatia.

In this experience, 20 representors from different EU countries participated: Portugal, France, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Lithuania and Spain.

The main objective of this project was to empower social entrepreneurship in European youth. Thanks to this formation we did many activities focus in different aims:

 To familiarize with the new trend called “social entrepreneurship”.

 To acquire the appropriate skills which would enable the youth workers in order to support young people to social enterprises that an address the challenges of our time.

 To promote, within specific ell – designed practices, the development of innovative ideas concerning sociological fields.

 To share practical non – formal education methods that motivate, and therefore engage young people with activities related to social entrepreneurship.

 To share national resources and inform about European ones (social entrepreneurship education and learning, access to different types of funding, partnerships, networks etc.) useful for social enterprise creation and sustainability.

In this adventure, every decision you had to make implied a fear as you didn’t know if the decision you made was right or if everything would go as expected. For us it has been a great adventure as we had grown in knowledge and of course as persons. It has helped us to go deep, reflect or redirect projects in which we are involved currently.

However, the thing that we have most appreciate has been the possibility of getting to know people from different nationalities, enjoy their company and share this experience with them.

As a participant from Romania, Alice, said: “I want to believe that Erasmus + is a small world full of projects in which I really look forward to seeing each other again”.

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