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Becas Erasmus+ para curso de formación en Sassari del 12 al 18 enero 2015

Social inclusion in Public spaces and Active Citizenship through non formal Education (SPACE) is a project aimed at bringing together youth workers and representants of local bodies from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Denmark in order to discuss about urban issues, mostly those affecting young people. Mine Vaganti NGO submitted the application on the March 24th deadline of the Erasmus+ programme and the project was accepted by the Italian National Agency. Thanks to the grant, the event will take place in Sassari (150.000 inhabitants), the capital of North Sardinia, from 12 (Monday) to 18 (Saturday) January 2015 and it will host 16 participants.

The city of Sassari is an ideal setting to cope with the topics that will be analyzed during the project, since it has met a range of social problems linked to its unbalanced urban development. The participants will work on four main thematic areas:

  1. risk of social marginalisation and exclusion in urban environments;

  2. opportunities for the cultural and economic rivitalisation of the old town through art, sport, food and culture;

  3. sustainability and public transports;

  4. active citizenship and cooperation of young people with the decision makers in order to propose solutions to the urban challenges.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to promote the creation of a network of international associations to reflect about urban challenges and the related problems of social exclusion;

  • to explore new ways and share best practices from different cultural contexts to encourage active citizenship among young people in their urban environments;

  • to exchange and propose innovative ideas (in the cultural, environmental, enterpreneural, artisitic sectors) that will help rivitalise the city center involving young people.


The activities will be coordinated through non formal education methods (group works, video productions, role play games, brainstorming, etc) and will include also visits to the local cultural associations in the city centre, participation to sport events, meetings with the students of the sociology course at university, exchanges with local administrators and members of local associations. Some activities will take place outdoor, to promote Erasmus plus and non-formal education and raise awareness on urban problems among the local community.

During the last days of the project, partecipants will have the chance to create working groups, to present ideas for future projects on urban issues, sustainability, promotion of young people participation in their local community.


The main coordinator will be Roberto Solinas and Maria Grazia Pirina the heads of Mine Vaganti NGO. The workshops are going to be held by four trainers : Angela Marongiu, Antonella Contini, Dorka Takacsy and Carlo Massei.


The project will host 16 participants (each organisation will send two participants) from the following 8 organisations:

Denmark: Det Nødvendige Seminarium

Greece: EURITI

Norway: Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjon

Portugal: Experimentáculo Associação Cultural

Romania: STEP

Spain: Asociación Building Bridges

Sweden: Integration För Alla

Italy: Mine Vaganti NGO (Host)


According to new Erasmus Plus rules, the reinbursement of travel costs will be calcultated used a specific program called Distance Calculator:


Maximum amount refundable per participant


Euro 275


Euro 275


Euro 275


Euro 360


Euro 360


Euro 530


Euro 530

After sending their tickets and boarding cards, participants will receive the reinbursement of their travel costs.

Food, accommodation and local transports for activities will be fully covered by the project.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 15 euros for Mine Vaganti- to be paid during the training course and 40€ to Asociacion Building Bridges (including 1 year membership).

The Venue

Sassari in an old city in the north west of Sardinia island, with around 150.000 inhabitants. Its old town is one of the biggest in Italy, but unfortunately its potential is not fully explored. The local university counts 10.000 students. Sassari is proud of its many squares, the pictoresque Cathedral, the local food, music and dialect and the succesful basketball team. High youth unemployment, geographical disadvantage and lack of job perspectives and cultural activities are among the most urgent social issues. Intercultural project like SPACE can be instrumental in bringing innovative ideas from abroad in order to inspire young people and institutions to take action and solve the local problems.

The sessions are going to be held at the Santa Caterina Youth Center in Sassari,


How to reach Sassari

Two international airports (Alghero, 35 km, and Olbia, 100 km from Sassari) connect North Sardinia with many destinations in Italy and Europe. The third international Sardinian Airport is located in Cagliari, 210 Km away from Sassari. Please see the attached document with the list of all the connections and companies, including information about ferries (closest port is Porto Torres, 19 km away from Sassari). All ports and airports are connected with Sassari by bus and train.


We will pick you up at the airport of Alghero (we will previously fix the arrival dates in a common excel file so that we can coordinate the transfers) , preferably during the morning hours of 12/01/2015, but if you can only come the day before for any reason, we can manage it as well.

What to bring

Since there is going to be an international evening, we will ask you to bring something traditional, famous or delicious from home – that you would like to represent your country with ,and share with the others, I can be any kinds of food, drink…

Weather in Sassari is generally mild, with few raining days. Nevertheless, in the evening it can be wet and windy, so we suggest to bring winter jackets and warm clothes, together with lighter items.


The participants are going to be hosted in a Bread and Breakfast in the heart of Sasssari. ( ) There are going to be 2 persons per room.

Catering will be organized,3 meals per day, plus coffee and snacks. (Most of the time we will eat here: )


Maria Grazia Pirina 0039340757410

Dorka Takacsy 00393489153005


In 2 steps:

1. Please send your CV and motivation letter to with subject «TC Sassari»

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities. 

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