Experiencia en cursos Erasmus+ en Francia sobre emprendizaje


Experiencia en los cursos emprendizaje francia con el programa Erasmus+ que cubre todos los gastos de los participantes menores de 30 años de edad.


Project Improve Entrepreneurship Skills was complex training course which developed set of competences during all the phases of the project. Participants were involved in action before training course as well as during and after activity. Training itself was very intensive and required open and free mind from your home work. 20 participants from 10 countries developed their skills under the eye of two trainers in the field of entrepreneurship and active citizenship. Trainers used drama methodology to increase entrepreneurship skills and theatre improvisation to promote and learn about active citizenship.

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A memory of Deniz (participant in IES)….

«……We did such huge and intense program today!
Spre exemplu, we did a big summary to better remember what we did, from energizers to single activities, and of course, there was the opportunity to think about how to meet again with my DRAGI pretani. Because of this reason we exploited the Erasmus+ program to better understand which suitable projects we can create to involve all of us. DESIGUR, we were thinking about writing and apply for youth exchanges and training courses, as much we can, to have larger opportunities to meet together, and invite our nice trainers and our best motivator: Eric!
In the afternoon the dissemination was as well intense. My diary, I am so tired! Interviews, frame photos, videos, tool box… so many things for such few hours! … And now… SCUZE, I have to run downstairs, because… DA, we work also in the night for those last hours of training course, there is the celebration of Youthpass, to underline once again that I was a participant of that project.
My diary, it seems incredible, but from tomorrow I will not write you anymore from France, but who knows, we liked so much to stay here that very probably we will soon be back in La Vancelle.
Not even my first time in France to remember but also really good friends will remain in my heart.»

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