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KA2 projects

no gender gap ka2

KA2 - Adult Education (LEAD)

The project will offer a set of competences for the professional development of the training curricula in women.

Proyecto europeo para prevenir la violencia sexual

KA2 Youth Project (partner)

React-Act-Prevent sexual violence through youth work EU project.

Curso sobre radio en Madrid

KA2 - Youth (Partners)

Broadcasting Europe, KA2 project for creating an online radio and teach young people how to use it.

Solicitar Becas europeas

KA2 - Youth (Partners)

Read Summarise Verify and Publish KA2 Youth Project (on preparation 2019-2020)

KA1 projects

KA1 - Higher Education consortia (LEAD)

The project is involving 50 young graduate students every year (2017, 2018 and 2019) to take part in traineeships. In consortia with public and private universities in Spain.

yes europa europe for citizens

Europe for Citizens (LEAD)

The main objective was raise awareness among young people, teachers and youth workers.

This training was, overall, about learning how to create stories from our own experiences, how to help others tell their stories, how to increase self-esteem and motivation with youngsters, how to create collective stories and how to create community through creative ways. This is our story…. Once upon a time In one of the Southern Mediterranean countries, a large territory of many multicultural areas, there lived 3 youngsters. Two of them lived in the group of islands that belonged to the realms of the sea, Canary Islands as they are called. Someone wrote about this people that they were happy, funny, humble and "warm blooded". The names of these two youngsters from Canary Islands were Laura and Paula. Despite living in the same city, they did not know each other, but this, my little friends, would soon start to change. In the center of this wonderful country of Spain, a boy was continuing his studies for a short period. His roots belonged to one of the northern kingdoms, where people were told to be colder, traditional, rural and different. But somehow, a few discovered that you needed to give time to know how they really were and let them shine on you with their own essence. The name of this boy was Ark. Every day Each of them woke up to have breakfast and start their own activities. Laura, was a phycologist that had returned from an EVS in Italy, one opportunity that change her life and gave the key to ask herself "why not research for new opportunities in new places?”. Ever since, each morning she was looking for a new job that was connected to her experience. Paula was an artist that loved music. She enjoyed music and lived for that. Her passion offered her the chance to visit many wonderful places. In that precise moment, she was signing for a new adventure in one important theater company. Ark, by the way, was a polifacetic/multifaceted person, while in the afternoon he dedicated his time to go to university for his studies in Social Education, he was enjoying to spend the rest of his time learning new things and creating other artistic stuff. Until one day Each of them, received one notification in their email. It was an invitation for a special event about Storytelling that was going to take place in Gulbene, Latvia. They were in shock and answered: "Wow, really? Is it me?" And yes, my little friends, they were the ones selected for one of the new projects of Erasmus+. The days went by, and the date it got closer and the amount of emotions were "in crescendo". Till one day, in a blink of an eye, they were there, in a beautiful log cabin, surrounded by a lake without knowing each other. But our protagonists were not alone, they were accompanied by many others guests from Europe that were there, too …and softly, the sound of their names started: “Ilze… Lelde...Aditzoo...Jaber...Magda...Virginie...Marius...Dora... Jagoda...Rasha...Daniela...Evija...Janis… Yekta...Carmen...Anamarija...Jelena...Sandra...Inese… Nusa...Sasa...Sanna...Niina...Ville...Onni...Edvards…” ...so was that moment, my dear friends, when each started to eye contact and a tiny and sweet sound of little bells uttered... "Welcome here " Because of that They did not doubt any second to get involved themselves in each activity or workshop of this training course. They enjoyed, laughed, got emotional and impressed of the development of their abilities and skills while the formation went on… And they realized that the fear of not knowing the language too well was not a problem if you worked with attitude. They also learnt how to create stories with their own knowledge, from other perspectives, using elements of nonverbal communication and different types of Storytelling, like poem, songs, pantomime, dance, sense, comic among others. And they got conscious of how nature can be a teacher. Because of that It was the time to put into practice all that they had learned and show that they were prepared. So they worked together in different teams to create workshops. Students from one high school in Alūksne, a little Latvian town very close to the place where the participants were hosted, took part in these beautifully prepared workshops. And how was it? Well, it was an experience that helped them in their professional skills for sure! Until finally Like many other stories, everything that starts needs to have an end. And that final needs to be something special, something to remember afterwards, when the days passed. How did they do it? They created a special "Charity Ball Gala" where they showed the diversity of their talents and gathered funds for a project that tried to help children that did not have enough financial resources to buy an instrument to play. That gala was a success, one needed to be there to see how the lights, the candles, the fragrance of the flowers, the music, the dance, the poems....and mainly, the passion and the emotions that waved the place. And that is how the guests decided to say goodbye, with a bigger applause, while kissing and hugging. Ever since of that They did not stop there, despite the fact that each of them belongs to different kingdoms. They are still sharing the knowledge that changed their lives. Moral of the story The chance to meet people of different nationalities was a remarkable aspect of this course. Everyone shared their cultural background in a very respectful and inclusive manner. I believe that after this course, we left our possible cultural prejudices behind. In addition, we enjoyed the great Latvian environment, learnt about their history and traditions and about the importance of Storytelling as method to work with youngsters or other communities.

KA2 - Youth (Partners)

The project´s purpose was the improvement of youth workers’ competencies in relation with inclusion for young people with fewer opportunities.

+200 KA1 projects

Explore our EU projects, we were partners in over 100 projects thanks to our wide range of partners.


Erasmus +

PIC 948821118

Cuerpo Europeo Solidaridad

European Solidarity Corps

ESC accreditation: 2014-1-ES02-KA110-004967

Ayuntamiento de Madrid logo

Madrid City Council

Youth Department

secretaria de estado de la ue logo

Secretary of State for the EU

Projects funded in 2018

europa con los ciudadanos

Europe for Citizens

Projects funded in 2015

comision europea en españa

European Commission in Spain

Projects funded in 2016 and cooperation in communication actions.


Regional Government of Madrid

Projects funded in 2016


Erasmus+ National Agency


EYCA network

red española anna lindh

Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh Network



Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service



Our network of partners for EU projects.

Citizens for Europe


seguros erasmus

Seguros Erasmus

Seguros Erasmus is our official insurance provider for training courses and exchanges.

International projects

We believe that educational exchange experiences, knowledge and intercultural relations are the most valuable tools for transforming our society and make us more enriched, more respectful to differentiate and be more open to knowledge. That is why we work to participate with an international edge thinking of promoting awareness and recognition of other cultures, exchanges of experiences and the mutual learning between people and organisations of different countries.

In this way we prepare proposals and applications in the lines of international cooperation above all European related to education (formal and non-formal), regional development, social exclusion, culture, multi-culturist, local development, youth issues or European citizenship.

It must be noted that all our international projects that we work with are evaluated and approved by official cooperation programmes of the European Union such as programmes of Erasmus+ (see our projects) and Creative Europe or Europe for Citizens (see our project) among others. We count on more than 200 projects in the last 10 years.

In addition, our trajectory in European projects has been recently awarded with one of the prestigious “Premios Ciudadanos” awards.

We also offer language courses and cultural activities.

YesEuropa also supports sports activities through our Female Volleyball Team winner of the Princess Cup.

Hosting organisation

As host organisation Spain, we are able to welcome participants to make a European Voluntary Service, a Youth Exchange, a Mobility Training as well as Erasmus.  We also offer language courses and cultural activities as host organisation.

  • Monitoring the development of the project step by step;
  • Accommodation in shared and fully equipped apartments in Madrid;
  • Contrast evaluation and monitoring of all participants;
  • Coordinating and managing overall project with financial process;
  • Pedagogical/cultural/linguistic training at the arrival;
  • Organizing accommodation (shared appartment fully equipped), local transport and airport transfer;
  • Organization of internships in partnership with the employer (agreements with companies and institutions to be held in stages, setting the stage plan);
  • Presentation of a final report and dissemination of results;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of the Europass Mobility and/or other certificates;

Promotion of results

We ensure a wide promotion of results as we count on a really big database of contacts:

  • +45.000 suscribers
  • +40.000 followers and friends (see our Facebook pagesInstagramTwitterLinked In and YouTube platforms)
  • Database of over 2500 Spanish education centres and NGOs
  • National and local newspapers and media platforms


Nino Versace – Head of EU Projects

Enrique Gallardo – Communication manager

Jose Imbert – Marketing Strategist

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