Voluntarios para centro juvenil en Polonia en 2016



    • Start: 01/02/2016
    • End: 31/07/2016


Łódź, Poland


25th September 2015


Association that provides a comprehensive support system for families and individual therapeutic support system for adults, children and young people. We have created the first Youth Centre in Poland for young people and their families from the environments with high risk of social exclusion in which we realize innovative model of therapeutic work «streetworking». Its main aim is to outreach young people spending their free time on the streets, to enable a life off the streets We are operating in the area of quite high level of poverty where children and young people do not have many opportunities.
Our daily activity is based on supporting children and their families through the organization of the activities in their free time. We realize the objectives of social therapy by sharing our time, care and providing interesting activities in which the youngest residents of our city can develop their passions and discover new talents.
The activities are based on building a therapeutic emotional ties with children, which are the basis of changes in their behavior and personalities. We also use social engineering techniques (such as community cultural clubs) and techniques based on cultural activities (including the conduct of historical and cultural themes of the city of Łódź, museum, theater, photography workshops, etc.).
Our Organization target group are economically and socially disadvantaged families, particularly children and young people. So far we have managed to help 60 kids every year (instead of spending their time on the street, backyard they come to our center), to give away 18350 meals for children and youth and to spend 4 800 hours with children and young people.


Volunteers participating in EVS program  will be directly involved in work in the Youth Center in Łódź providing service for economically and socially disadvantaged children and youth. Volunteers will provide support for the center following its daily schedule, including: music, art, plays, sport, cooking workshops, as well as they will be organizing their own initiatives. Volunteers will be also assisting in daily work of the center, giving meals or making photo documentation of the activities. Besides assisting in the regular program, based on their personal skills and training, EVS volunteer will be able to offer and run his/her own workshops (e.g. dance, sports, computer, art, etc). The volunteer will gain many new skills and experiences, such as learning how to prepare and make workshops for children and young people. Volunteer’s activities include but are not limited to: supporting the kids when they do their homework (especially in English, Spanish, German or French); playing games with the children; supporting the staff in activities (handcraft workshops, excursions); providing own workshops (inspired by own ideas and interests); fund-raising campaigns for the organization, (sometimes on the weekend). The volunteer will work 5 days a week (30 hours a week), from Monday to Friday, usually in the afternoon as the Centre operates from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Remaining hours the volunteer will work outside the centre. The volunteer will have 2 days off per week: Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes in case of events taking place during the weekend, the volunteer can be asked to work on Saturday or on Sunday and then will have a day off during the following week. The volunteer will also attend classes of Polish language. The volunteer will receive money for food and pocket money once a month.


We would like to host a Volunteer who likes to work and cooperate with children and youth. A perfect candindate should be open-minded, creative and motivated. This person should be able to work with a group as well as work on his / her own. Artistic skills and interest in the fields of: music, art, theatre, photography are highly welcome buy it is not a necessity – it will be an additional value.

How to apply

Building Bridges Association members will have preference, please enroll to the association here.


For the selection of the volunteers we will need:
Europass CV with picture (made in the last month)

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one.

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges” and you should add our EVS accreditation 2014-1-ES02-KA110-004967, Jose Lara Coordinator and our e-mail contact.

All documents written in english you can attach below with subject “EVS Poland Katarzyna Youth Centre. YOUR NAME. YOUR SURNAME» to asociacionbbARROBAgmail.com

SVE en Polonia !

Estos han sido los resultados del proyecto EVS Academy

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