3 becas verano para cursos Erasmus Chipre sobre cambio social


3 becas Erasmus+ para un cursos Erasmus Chipre de verano sobre herramientas innovadoras en el trabajo para el cambio social con todos los gastos pagados de transporte, alojamiento y manutención


fechas cursos Erasmus Chipre

8th– 14th July 2018

(Arrival Date: 7th July – Departure Date: 15th July 2018)
Oroklini, Larnaca, Cyprus

Cyprus situated at the north-eastern end of the Mediterranean basin, is the third largest island in the region, with an area of 9,251 square kms. Cyprus is an island of legends that basks year-round in the light of the warm Mediterranean sun. A 10,000 year long has seen civilizations come and go and the likes of everyone from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here – but then, people do tend to get possessive when faced with such beauty. Aphrodite made her home on Cyprus, and travelers throughout antiquity came here just to pay her tribute.
In Cyprus a visitor will discover a compact world of alluring beaches and fragrant mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination, citrus groves and old stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as conversations at the local café. A carefree place where a sense of timelessness is magnified by the kindness of the people. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Other major cities are Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca.

Located 8 km from Larnaka town centre, the large community of Voroklini (also known as Oroklini) enjoys an elevated hill position that overlooks Larnaka Bay. There are various theories of where the village took its name from, with one interpretation deriving from the words ‘oros’ and ‘klinin’, meaning ‘profuse’ in reference to the abundant water running down from the slopes of the mountain from the spring of the area. Thanks to its hilly terrain, the village has many natural beautyspots, and as such is popular for outdoor leisure and activities. Its Yannathes Beach is the region’s only official eco beach.

The main attractions of the village include its old neighbourhoods of pre-1882 buildings, and its churches and chapels, with the quaint stone-built Chapel of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elias) perched atop a hill. The village also has the region’s second famous wetland – Voroklini Lake – which is a protected Natura 2000 site of Paneuropean significance thanks to the biodiversity of the lake. Two threatened bird species come to nest at the site; the Black-winged Stilt and the Spur-winged Lapwing.It is also the only site in Cyprus where the beautiful Red-crested Pochard nests.

The only way to travel to Cyprus is via airplane.
1) FLIGHTS TO CYPRUS: There are two legitimate

Sobre el curso

The “YouthSocialAct: Youth Engagement in Initiatives Supporting Equality for All and Promoting Social Change” represents a project coordinated by the Social Policy and Action Organization and is funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union, under the action K1 Mobility of Youth Workers.
The project was built based on the following needs and realities in societies:
a) active voluntarism is crucial and important and should be promoted from children’s early ages and be considered important to their healthy development,
b) children, adolescents and young people have strong sayings, opinions and views on how to promote changes in the society and the majority express the wish and willingness to contribute towards social change strongly,
c) young people have beautiful and innovative ideas on initiatives promoting social change, but unfortunately they are either not given the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of such initiatives, or when provided the opportunity they lack the knowledge or proper empowerment and guidance to practically implement them.
d) in many cases youth NGOs lack the knowledge and expertise to engage youth people actively in the design and practical implementation of such initiatives, even though interest is expressed,
e) the values of equality, acceptance and tolerance, are considered among the most crucial values to be cultivated in youth voluntarism and engagement.
Equality is an important value to be cultivated firstly among young volunteers and their engagement in an organization and secondly as an important social message to send to the society promoting change for a better future.

Objectivos cursos Erasmus Chipre

The project aims at a) raising awareness on the importance of engaging young people in initiatives promoting social change in their communities starting from promoting equality, acceptance and tolerance for all people and b) training and supporting youth workers on how to ensure youth engagement in such initiatives and how to guide and practically support young people in designing and implementing their ideas and projects utilizing innovative and modern methods.
The objectives of the project which also link to Erasmus+ are :
a) To provide a working platform for collaboration and raise awareness on the importance of developing and applying innovative and unique ways to effectively engage youth in active voluntarism and initiatives promoting equality for all in their communities,
b) to raise awareness on the importance of youth engagement in active voluntarism and initiatives promoting equality as a method of socialization, raising confidence, self-esteem and also as a method to develop life skills, and cultivate important life values, including team-work, inclusion, equality, respect, tolerance, collaboration and others,
c) to provide knowledge and information on good practices applied engaging and retaining actively young people in youth initiatives promoting equality for all in their communities,
d) To present and train participants with new innovative tools, methods and mechanisms as well as good practices in supporting young volunteers implementing their inspired ideas and also in guiding, supervise and continuously empowering them in successfully implementing their own initiatives and larger-scale projects,
e) to train participants on how to strengthen the personal capacities of young volunteers with emphasis on their innovative ideas, abilities and development needs,
f) to train participants on event management and project management procedures applied successfully in youth initiatives, which in return can be used for training young volunteers in their countries,
g) to present mechanisms to promote life long engagement in youth voluntary actions promoting other social related issues,
h) to provide a platform for networking, establishing new contacts and discussing ideas for new projects,
g) to offer the opportunity to work in a multinational environment for a week and share experiences, knowledge and expertise.

Actividades cursos verano Chipre

The project is encompassed by the following activities:

1) Training Course organized between 8th -14th July 2018, at Oroklini, Larnaca, Cyprus.

In total 36 youth workers, leaders, managers, active volunteers from 11 EU countries, namely Cyprus, Poland, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Malta, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, will participate.

2) Short Video Production entitled “YouthSocialAct”, aiming at raising awareness on the a) opportunities provided to youth via Erasmus +, b) collaborative work achieved between participants of the training course and the partner NGOs in general, c) tolerance and acceptance,

d) the empowerment of young people to promote equality, tolerance, social inclusion, through similar
activities implemented around the world.

3) Flash-Mob organized to raise awareness on the importance of youth engagement in initiatives promoting equality, tolerance, acceptance and unity for all to achieve social change in communities.

4) Networking event organized aiming at a) disseminating information regarding the project, activities, results, b) providing the opportunity to participants to meet and exchange views, ideas, and contacts with young people from local NGOs and c) establishing contacts and collaboration with others for future collaboration and
5) Puplication of Toolkit entitled “YouthSocialAct: Youth Engagement in Initiatives Supporting Equality for All and Promoting Social Change”

Sobre la organización

The  Organization, is not-for-profit organization established in Cyprus in August 2014.

The main goal of the Organization is to work towards the enhancement of quality of life of citizens targeting mostly vulnerable groups, with extra emphasis on young people, covering all social policy related areas. The Organization actively supports and promotes the five principles of quality of life, thus being Human Well Being, Health, Financial Independence, Family Status, Socialization and Social Protection.

The Board of the Organization in total 6 professionals works permanently on the activities and approximately 200 volunteers offer their services on different activities.

The Organization has established different Departments for effective operation: a) Youth Department, for the design and implementation of youth related projects, also responsible for the operation of the YouthVoices Programme and Chance2Learning. b) Research and Development Department, for the implementation of academic research studies and surveys and the development of policy recommendations and c) Fundraising Department, focusing on fundraising activities to financially support humanitarian causes, also operating the programme CY Care Packages, d) Project Management Department, undertaking the implementation of projects related to promoting human rights of vulnerable groups and people with fewer opportunities, gender mainstreaming and empowerment, combating poverty and social exclusion, sexual harassment prevention and other social related projects.

The activities of the Organization are designed under two pillars: A) Design and implementation of Actions targeting specific social problems. B) Development and promotion of social policy recommendations. Among its activities are: 1) Design and implementation of academic research and surveys; 2) Monitoring of social policy related legislations and directives; 3) Mapping of effective social policy practices and actions in other countries; 4) Design and implementation of projects contributing towards combating identified social problems, supporting vulnerable groups, including young people promoting human rights, combating all kinds of discriminations in all levels of the society and promoting equal opportunities for all; 6) Provision of support, empowerment and enhancement of the quality of life of vulnerable groups; 7) Awareness raising, dissemination of information and organization of social campaigns; 8) Establishment of a network with national and international parties, involved in social policy issues.


Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, Volunteers working for youth NGOs involved in social issues;
 Over 18 years old (no age limit);
 English Level (at least Medium level speaking and writing);
 Ability and flexibility to participate at the Training Course in Cyprus from 7th -15th July 2018 (including

travel days), in a multi-cultural environment;

 Experience in the organization of youth activities aiming at supporting, empowering and contributing towards personal development of young people;
 They work either as guides, mentors, coaches or coordinators (or they have the interest to become one) with children, or young people with fewer opportunities, actively engaged in initiatives promoting equality, tolerance and supporting social change in their communities.
 They hold experience, knowledge and expertise in designing and organizing interactive non-formal activities targeting children, adolescents and young people, aiming at their empowerment, combating antisocial behaviours and actions, raising self-esteem and confidence and encouraging them to becoming active members of the society and by practically engaging in youth initiatives promoting equality and tolerance.
 They hold some experience in group leadership, monitoring group activities, and providing training to other young people.

 They are eager to expand their knowledge in new methods, tools and programmes implemented in other European countries.

Gender balance has to be followed as much as possible (2 Male and 1 Female participant or 1 male and 2 female participants per organization);
 Priority will be given to participants belonging to groups with fewer opportunities or with disadvantaged backgrounds (at least 1 out of 3 people).
 Please also note that since the project outputs including photos, videos, and other material participants will have to sign a consent for promotion and dissemination.


Participants need to collaborate with their organizations to prepare some material related to specific
1) Presentation of own Organization
2) Intercultural Night – Presentation of own country
3) Presentation of good practices in methods/tools used to engage young people and empower them to practically become involved in such initiatives
4) Presentation of innovative programmes and actions organized to practically guide, empower, support young people from finalization of the idea for such an initiative, to its design and finally its organization and practical implementation.
5) Ideas/views on preparing the Flash-Mob – will be performed via the project’s facebook page.
1) Ideas/views on preparing the Toolkit – will be performed via the project’s facebook page.
2) Games/ice-breakers/energizers/fun exercises are welcome!


Every night we will have an intercultural evening/night, with different country presentations.
Each country group must prepare the evening and their presentation based on their own ideas. They can bring traditional sweets, food, drink (if possible), leaflets/brochure from countries, flags, short film presentations, music, and if they want present folklore dances. Please inform us what equipment you will need. If you want to cook something in the kitchen of your apartment, please notify us to see a) how to organize it, since the hotel management does not allowed bringing food at the bar next to the swimming pool and b) to get the necessary ingredients for you.

It is important for us to provide, throughout the week, apart from the educational part of the mobility, the most important part of course of the mobility, with opportunities for socialization, interaction, networking, cultural education and entertaining and fun activities/experiences. Some will be:

1) FLASH-MOB: We have incorporated a Flash-Mob in the programme to be organized at Finikoudes area, the most touristic spot in Larnaca which is one of the important deliverables/dissemination tools of the project. The preparation will begin before participant’s arrival to Cyprus and the programme includes sessions for practice!  The flash-mob will be filmed and be widely disseminated by all partner organizations. Note: If any of the participants does not wish to participate at the flash-mob please inform us.
2) NETWORKING EVENT: A networking event will be organized, where different Cyprus NGOs involved in social welfare, support to vulnerable groups will be invited to come and meet all the organization involved in the project. Therefore each organization group should bring leaflets/brochures and anything else they consider important to disseminate information and establish new contacts for future collaborations. The event will be photographed and be widely disseminated.

3) CULTURAL VISIT TO LARNACA: Larnaca is a beautiful touristic city, with great historical and sight- seeing monuments, apart from beautiful beaches; therefore a cultural visit is planned.

4) FAREWELL PARTY: On 14th July 2018 we will organize a farewell party.
5) OTHER EVENTS: We will organize some other events we have planned, which will be surprise and cannot be revealed to you at this moment!  You will love them!!!

Aspectos que cubre la beca

 Accommodation and lodging covered by 100% by the Erasmus +

 Travel expenses partially or entirely covered by Erasmus + (the amount depends of the route to the venue of the training).

The training course will be implemented in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Programme, and travel expenses will be reimbursed to all participants according to travel limits set by the Erasmus+ Programme. If you stay within the given budget, your expenses will be covered 100%, and if you spend more, the exceeding amount will be your own contribution to your travel. Please find the maximum amounts participants can spend to travel to the country.

The reimbursement of your travel and visa costs will be organised on the spot in cash (EUR) during the training course, so please bring all necessary documents and receipts to make the process easier.

Accommodation and food during the training course will be fully covered. Insurance is obligatory and should be arranged and covered by each participant and will not be reimbursed. We reccommend «SegurosErasmus» which is the cheapest one.

!! Important: Consult the organisers before buying tickets. Only ticket options approved by the organisers will be reimbursed.

Hosting organisation with the financial support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ program will cover 100% of the costs of accommodation, 3 meals per day, activities, training & facilitation and travel costs according to Erasmus+ regulations:
–          Only the cheapest travel alternative can be reimbursed;

Travel costs

All traveling, accommodation, catering costs are covered by the Erasmus + Programme. For other expenses (souvenirs, extra food, skiing arena, aqua park etc) each participant should bring money as much as he/she thinks will be needed.

The necessary documents:

● All the original flight/rail/bus tickets and bookings with numbers and price.

● All the original boarding passes; in case of electronic registration the printouts.

● If the payment was via bank wire: ○ The original invoice, signed and stamped by the issuing company. The invoice must have the number, issuer requisites, payer requisites, date, ticket or booking number and travel dates.

○ The bank payment order, stamped and signed by the bank. The payment order must have the invoice number and travel destination.

● If the payment was by card: ○ The bank statement with the relevant card transaction, signed and stamped by the bank.

● The participants should travel to the airports or rail/bus stations using the public transport.

○ Only separate tickets together with the receipts are accepted for reimbursement. E.g. we can’t accept receipts for topping up the permanent transportation card balance.

● It is very important to present each document. Failure to do so may result in our inability to reimburse the travel expenses.

● The project doesn’t allow covering travel insurance, yet the participants must present the insurance document for safety reasons.


Participants will be staying in small apartments at the Antonis G. Hotel Apartments in Oroklini, Larnaca, Cyprus. The training Course will be organized in a venue within the hotel.

Participants will be staying in groups of 4 people, in one-bedroom apartments (2 twin beds in the bedroom and 2 twin beds in the front room). All apartments have TV, fully-equipped kitchens with a refrigerator, toaster and an electric kettle, as they are self-catering.

NOtas de organización

● Taking into account the educational kind of the project, it is forbidden to use alcohol and other drugs during the project activities.

● The project assumes that attendance in all activities for all the participants must be 100%. Failure to attend the activities may result in our inability to reimburse the travel expenses.

Trabajo a preparar

• Please prepare short presentation about your sending organization. We are just curious what you actually do.

• Each of you must bring good/bad cases about refugees. This will be needed for workshops.


Cómo solicitar estas becas para cursos Erasmus Chipre

You should complete registration in 2 steps:

1. Please send your application form, CV and motivation letter to asociacionbb@gmail.com with subject «TC Cyprus summer Ifigenia»Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”. All documents written in english you can send to: asociacionbb@gmail.com with subject «TC Cyprus summer Ifigenia«.

Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet after the selection process.

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities. 

[button color=»orange2″ link=»https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ebucvvske17hbn/Empty.application%20Form%20for%20Erasmus%2B%20candidates.doc?dl=0″ size=»bigger» target=»_blank» icon=»momizat-icon-file3″]Application Form YesEuropa[/button]

 * It is compulsory to send application form, CV and motivation letter and pay the registration fee at the same time in order to be within the pre-selection process.

If you are not selected by the sending or hosting organisation, we will reimburse the fee. Please see conditions of Erasmus+ grants

paypal comprar suscripcion

Payment by bank: Asociacion Building Bridges


ES67 0081 1534 5900 0116 4823 / BSAB ESBB

What do our participants say?

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