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Seminar´s name

Healthy Europe


3-11 October 2015


Poronin, Poland


This seminar titled «Healthy Europe» will take place in Poronin, Poland 03 – 11. 10. 2015 gathering 28 young people and youth workers and 2 coaches from 14 countries of EU and partner countries: Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and Poland. The project will concentrate on healthy lifestyle in Europe and influence of its promotion on life of young people and the society they live in. «Sitting» lifestyle, unhealthy habits of eating, addictions and diseases, remain one of the most significant problems of today’s Europe especially in those areas that remain out of EU regulations.

The main goals of seminar are:

– giving young people space and time present their everyday work, share experiences and knowledge of ways of promoting healthy lifestyle among young people

– exchange of good practices

– debating the status of health in different countries and their realities

– learning new techniques for promotion of positive aspects of healthy lifestyle

– strengthening future cooperation and engagement of young people in creating a better approach to youth problems

– reflection over social insurance problems and equal opportunity programs in Europe Seminar has also a goal of increasing the quality of support systems for empowering position of young people in issues concerning health.

What is more, it will concentrate on chances and possibilities of development of intercultural dialogue, future international cooperation and common projects. Using non-formal education tools participants will be engaged in integration activities, plenary discussions, round table and activities implemented as group or individual work, like brainstorming, analyses, self-evaluation.

Draft programme

03.09.  Arrivals  Introduction

04.09.  Name games  Erasmus Plus presentation  Team building  Polish evening2

05.10.  Working in groups  Role play  Debating  International evening 1

06.10.  Sharing good practices among Youth  Open space  Outdoor activities

07.10.  Public health in UE  Healthy food practices

08.10.  Role play  Visiting local NGO  International evening 2

09.10.  Erasmus Plus Partnership  International evening 3

10.10.  Networking  Follow – up seminar  Ideas for future events  Farewall party

11.10.  Evaluation  Departure Remember that we can modify it according to weather and participants’ needs!


GOSPODARSTWO AGROTURYSTYCZNE «U BACY» Poronin, Tatrzańska 5f St. Website: You will be accommodated in a hotel, sharing rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds. The canteen and working rooms are within 50m. There is WiFi, hot water and everything you might need this week (well… or almost everything – please take your own towels;)


Included (360€ from Spain)

Poronin is a village located in the south part of Poland, near Zakopane which is known as Polish winter capital. The best way to get there is to travel by car or by bus, you may also travel by train. Therefore please contact the person who is in charge of YE in your NGO and consult travel options with him/her. If you are coming by plane, the nearest airport is in Kraków, Balice. Later you take the bus (or train) to Zakopane/Poronin it costs about 15/30 PLN (4/8 EUR). If you want to contact me in Poland, please call +48 , I can help you with the details, including talking to the bus drivers. Please notify us about arrival/departure times to arrange meals and accommodation!


October is the middle of autumn in Poland. It is usually still a little bit warm and sunny at the beginning. But this is short lived as it gradually turns colder and foggy. Be aware the weather may vary, just like in all mountains. Therefore there may be around +15 windy and rainy so please be prepared for such conditions. If possible, please take warm clothes and a coat.


October is the middle of autumn in Poland. It is usually still a little bit warm and sunny at the beginning. But this is short lived as it gradually turns colder and foggy. Be aware the weather may vary, just like in all mountains. Therefore there may be around +15 windy and rainy so please be prepared for such conditions. If possible, please take warm clothes and a coat.


• Please prepare short presentation about your sending organization. We are just curious what you actually do.

• Each of you must bring good/bad cases about sport events in youth work. This will be needed for workshops.

Accommodation and meals

The accommodation and meal costs are 100% supported by the applicant organization, and the transportation is supported under the rules of Erasmus+ Programme.

Travel costs

All traveling, accommodation, catering costs are covered by the Erasmus + Programme. For other expenses (souvenirs, extra food, skiing arena, aqua park etc) each participant should bring money as much as he/she thinks will be needed.

The necessary documents:

● All the original flight/rail/bus tickets and bookings with numbers and price.

● All the original boarding passes; in case of electronic registration the printouts.

● If the payment was via bank wire: ○ The original invoice, signed and stamped by the issuing company. The invoice must have the number, issuer requisites, payer requisites, date, ticket or booking number and travel dates.

○ The bank payment order, stamped and signed by the bank. The payment order must have the invoice number and travel destination.

● If the payment was by card: ○ The bank statement with the relevant card transaction, signed and stamped by the bank.

● The participants should travel to the airports or rail/bus stations using the public transport.

○ Only separate tickets together with the receipts are accepted for reimbursement. E.g. we can’t accept receipts for topping up the permanent transportation card balance.

○ Taxis should be used only if there’s no public transport available or it’s more expensive.

● It is very important to present each document. Failure to do so may result in our inability to reimburse the travel expenses.

● The project doesn’t allow covering travel insurance, yet the participants must present the insurance document for safety reasons. We reccommend you to hire a private insurance from or obtain your European Health Card.

Selection process

You should complete registration in 2 steps:

1. Please send your application form, CV and motivation letter to with subject «TC Health Poronin«. Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”. All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “TC Health Poronin“.

Selected participants will receive the detailed infosheet after the selection process.

2. Pay the registration fee (40€) by Paypal or bank transfer to :Asociación Building Bridges, CIF G85466886. This registration fee includes one year membership to our National and International activities. 

 * It is compulsory to send application form, CV and motivation letter and pay the registration fee at the same time in order to be within the pre-selection process.

If you are not selected by the sending or hosting organisation, we will reimburse the fee. Please see conditions of Erasmus+ grants

ES67 0081 1534 5900 0116 4823 / BSAB ESBB

What do our participants say?

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