Dinamarca te trae una nueva oportunidad de SVE DInamarca, esta vez de la mano de un proyecto para trabajar en eventos culturales. ¡Apura y envía tu solicitud!

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1st February 2019 to 30th August 2019


Información SVE Dinamarca

When volunteering at hosting organisation the volunteer will be working alongside cultural coordinators, artistic personnel, and cultural professionals of all kinds.

The volunteer will have the opportunity to develop and facilitate your own projects withinhosting organisation’s existing framework, working from a perspective of co-creation and design thinking.

Specificallyhosting organisation is looking for a volunteer to take on the task of creating cultural events in our beautiful courtyard, directed towards a younger demographic aged 15-35. With Kolding being an international student city,hosting organisationis looking to attract students from abroad as well as locals to events inhosting organisation, and let the courtyard specifically, be the natural meeting point and melting pot for the wide range of young people in Kolding.

The volunteer will be able to work alongside our cultural professionals inhosting organisation as well as friends from culture- and student organisations in the city.

As part of the introduction to the complex,hosting organisationwill also introduce the volunteer to some of the cultural organisers in the area, giving him/her a solid foundation for him/her to develop his/her own courtyard projects.

hosting organisationI is hoping for around 3-5 events planned during the volunteers stay.

The courtyard projects can take any shape or form, though the following guidelines should be taken into account:

  • The events should relate to the demographic aged 15-35.
  • The events are open air, and thus subject to changing weather conditions.
  • The events should embrace co-creation and design thinking, with a primary focus on cultural and artistic expressions.

Together with applications for the volunteer position athosting organisation the applicant can admit general ideas for the courtyard projects, though it is not mandatory.

As part of the projecthosting organisation will give a thorough introduction to the cultural life of the complex as well as Kolding as a whole, from which to start generating specific ideas for events.


The volunteer will stay with a local Danish host family and will be expected to become part of the family and as such take part in the activities and responsibilities in the family.

Criterios selección en el SVE DInamarca

is looking for a volunteer that;

  • brings a creative mindset
  • are able to work independently
  • have a mature understanding of work ethics
  • wants to create events and activities for the larger public
  • wants to know more about the inner workings of cultural structures and event planning
  • are comfortable communicating clearly in English

Cómo solicitar SVE Dinamarca

We will study carefully all application and selected candidates will be invite for Skype interview. The selection of volunteers will take place in the coming weeks.

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:

Europass CV with picture (made in the last month) with skype name included

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one. The volunteer is chosen according to his/her motivation and interest to the project and to the activities. It will be paid special attention to cover letters.

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

All documents written in English you can attach below with subject:

«EVS Denmark Maria Egå Højskole. YOUR NAME.YOUR SURNAME» to asociacionbbARROBAgmail.com

[button color=»orange2″ link=»https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b5Gv_dDg4MSguxFd-SY_YHE8dI0_uIvuude-DeRBAMY/edit?usp=sharing» size=»bigger» target=»_blank»]Application form[/button]

[button color=»pink» link=»https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cqd30j12iat0quv/AAASMnNxA1tknyAl63Y6emnOa?dl=0″ size=»bigger» target=»_blank»]Motivation letter and YesEuropa form[/button]

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