Resultados del curso de formación Erasmus+ «Guía de principiantes para el coaching en el Servicio Voluntario Europeo»


INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COURSE: „ Beginner’s guide to EVS coaching: how to support volunteers in their GROWTH»

25/11/15 – 30/11/15/ in POLAND

This international training course was organized as Learning Mobility Project in the frame of „Erasmus+”- Program by Association of International and Intercultural Exchange ANAWOJ from Poland, in cooperation with partner organisations from Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Romania and Poland. The training took place in the north-eastern part of Poland, in the Conference Centre ROZŁOGI which is situated in the middle of the forest, near Michałowo, around 15 km to Belarusian boarder.


The Training Course “Beginner’s guide to EVS coaching: how to support volunteers in their GROWTH” was organized to help EVS mentors and coordinators in daily collaboration with volunteers. The main aim was to understand how to use coaching approach and its tools in order to support volunteers. During the training, participants learned what coaching is, how to build a relationship with a volunteer and how to identify his/her needs and expectations. We also discussed basic tools and models such as: «Wheel of values», «GROW» or «SMARTER» as well as how to listen and ask powerful questions. Now we would like to share the results of our work and, hopefully, help other organizations to increase the quality of their EVS projects. This report includes handouts prepared by a trainer and experts, but it also contains materials created by participants during the workshops. You will also find the exercises used during the training thanks to which you can share coaching knowledge with others. We would like to thank all partners and participants who were involved in this training.

Aims and objectives of the training course:

 Enhancing the quality of EVS projects by improving the quality of collaboration between volunteers and people supporting them during their projects using coaching methods;

 raising the level of awareness and understanding of other cultures, maintaining motivation and passion of people supporting volunteers;

 developing specific tools and techniques that participants could put into practice immediately after the training, supporting participants in their self-development as well as in their professional growth;

 introducing innovative ideas and improving the quality of facilitating people working in the education sector;

 learning what is coaching, coaching methods and tools useful in work with EVS volunteers,

 creating innovative “EVS Coaching tools” – putting together professional coaching methods with EVS cycle

 learning coaching tools in setting long-term objectives. Highlighting the importance of preparing volunteers for life after the volunteering

 making structures for cooperation with volunteers, coaching tools show how the role of professional supporting EVS may be more interesting, developing and easier

 understanding of support as long-term process, built on the basis of trust, understanding and acceptance

 exchange of experiences


We invited 26 youth workers (EVS mentors and coordinators) from six countries (Romania, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Poland). The group was very diverse which made this meeting very interesting and helped in the group building process. Different educational background, work places, age, years of experience in EVS projects, roles and personalities created very creative and productive training environment. The integration of participants exceeded our expectations. Fantastic atmosphere not only allowed to increase competences but also made this training really unique and unforgettable.

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