Voluntariado europeo con niños en Rumania


2 plazas de voluntariado europeo con niños en Rumanía con todos los gastos pagados de alojamiento, manutención, transporte y dinero de bolsillo con el programa Erasmus+

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01-04-16 to 30-11-16


Arad, Romania


26th March


The project will consist in 2 actual voluntary stage which will take place for 5 volunteers and between 01.02.2016 – 30.09.2016 for other 5 volunteers in TM. The volunteers will come from Italy (4), Spain (4), France (1), Estonia (1). The partner organizations will each send 1 volunteer (FR, EE) and respectively 2 volunteers (IT, ES). The structure of the volunteering groups will be the following: 2 volunteers from IT, 2 volunteers from ES, 1 volunteer from FR/1 volunteer from EE/stage. The proposed activities will be similar for both voluntary stages planned, but they will be implemented with different direct beneficiaries with the purpose to involve as many local youngsters as possible, as well as to capacitate them in ensuring the continuation of these types of activities and actions.

Hosting organisation, objectives

“Links to education” is the initiative of hosting organisation whose main aim is to fight against the unemployment rate existing at European level, especially among youth with the age below 25 by engaging them in additional educational activities which will develop transversal skills as well as life competences necessary and useful for them in accessing the labor market. Additionally, the promoters would like to engage the future EVS volunteers in combating the phenomenon also at local level, as well as act against problematics such as: youth sedentarism and low involvement in civic and voluntary activities, the need of alternative and personal development of youth, besides the general knowledge acquired within formal context, the need for linguistic development (learning of foreign languages). The project is focused on the themes of: youth unemployment, youth information, lifelong learning, cooperation for development and community engagement.

The objectives of the project are the following:

A.  Developing 4 key transversal competences (linguistic, digital, entrepreneurship and socio-civic) by the young volunteers involved during the entire project

B. Promoting non-formal education, volunteering and active participation of youth in the society through the development of alternative educational activities during the period of the project

C. Promoting tolerance and solidarity among young people coming from different cultures during the project

The objectives will be achieved by the implementation of these activities:

– organizing communication workshops, public speaking sessions, debates and creative workshops for developing the creativity of participants

– developing and organizing events/actions with sportive character, initiatives for promoting a healthy lifestyle and the importance of doing sport or any other kind of movement in outdoor space

– organizing sessions for presenting different opportunities for personal development, alternative training and involvement in the life of the community of local youth

– organizing and delivering 4 different intercultural and linguistic workshops

– organizing IT sessions for developing specific digital competences of local youth (basic operation of PC, efficient use of internet and use of specific programs for creating documents necessary for job applications, information in connection with platforms and groups containing useful news and valid opportunities and of interest for their personal and professional development etc.)

– administrate the hosting organization’s general website, creating and posting articles, taking photos and video materials to promote the developed activities

– realizing 2 audio-video materials for promoting volunteering among youth and disseminating it through different channels

– organizing 2 sessions for presenting the project, the Erasmus+ programme and for promoting valid opportunities for engagement of youth in European Voluntary Service

– come up with own initiatives, plan and organize small scale projects/community actions which can be implemented locally based on the needs identified by the EVS volunteers

Tasks and activities

The volunteers will develop the following types of activities:

– 4 workshops: of communication, public speaking, debate, creative workshops (months 2-3 in AR, respectively 2-3 in TM); within the workshops, the volunteers will: establish the thematics/subjects approached, will promote the initiative and select the participants, will organize from the logistic point of view the activity and will facilitate the development in the following fields: assertive communication, active listening, efficient communication methods used in different contexts, ability to provide arguments, logistics abilities and organizational capacities, ability to realize creative materials/products using different techniques such as: origami, painting, design, handmade etc.

– 4 events/sportive actions, for promoting a healthy lifestyle (months 2-3, 7-8 in AR, respectively 4-8 in TM); the volunteers will initiate and organize sportive and out-door activities, will promote and invite the beneficiaries and participants, will organize games and sportive exercises in order to promote movement among youth

– 6 sessions for promoting opportunities for personal development, alternative training and involvement in the life of the community of local youngsters especially through European programmes, but not only (months 2-3 in AR, respectively 2-4 in TM); the volunteers will create the promotional materials, presentations and audio-video materials for presenting volunteering opportunities and alternative training opportunities which they will later on put at the disposal of youngsters from the community through various events planned (the volunteers will get involved in ensuring the logistic part, welcoming the participants, facilitating the sessions and realizing the support materials, answering to potential questions from the participants, presenting their own experiences/concrete examples etc.)

– 4 intercultural and linguistic workshops (months 4-6 in AR, respectively 4-6 in TM): through creative and non-formal methods, the local youth will acquire knowledge and communication abilities in the native languages of the volunteers, as well as they will learn about other cultures, habits, traditions and they will discover new life styles. The volunteers will establish the subjects for the sessions, will prepare and deliver the materials and information, will facilitate the discussions, will use role plays, presentations, games, quizzes and practical exercises in order to inform and develop the knowledge and the abilities of the local youngsters in connection with the proposed subjects.

– 4 sessions for developing IT competences among local youth (in the fields of basic PC usage, using internet and usage of programmes for creating necessary documents used in applying for future work placements, information regarding platforms and useful groups containing valid opportunities and of interest for them) – between the months 4-8 in AR, respectively 4-8 in TM; within these sessions, the volunteers will establish the thematic and subjects approached, will realize the promotional materials for the sessions, will recruit and select the participants, facilitate, ensure all logistic aspects, guide the participants, evaluate their knowledge and abilities at the end etc.

– administration of hosting organization’s website, creating articles and capturing images and videos from the activities developed, bimonthly updating of the website

– realization of 2 audio-video materials for promoting volunteering among youth at local level and dissemination of it among youth through different channels; during the project, the volunteers will identify the thematics/subjects and will establish the structure of the materials, will identify the target groups and the most appropriate channels, will record and edit the materials, will include the necessary visibility elements and will promote the message of the materials in different ways.

The role of the partners involved will be to take part at an online preparation meeting planned through a representative selected, to ensure the proper recruitment and selection of the volunteers, the preparation of the volunteers for the voluntary stage including practical arrangements, to organize the Pre Departure Training for the EVS volunteers, to maintain the contact with them during the voluntary stage and the coordinating organization, to get involved in visibility activities connected with the project, dissemination actions of the results of the project and follow-up initiatives.


We are searching for young people looking for innovative projects, who are not afraid to work in conflicted and divided environments. It is welcome if the volunteer has basic English skills and is willing to study Polish, which would help a lot in the daily life of a volunteer.


 young people aged between 18 and 30

 unemployed youth or which are not involved in any kind of study, youth without an


 youth between 18 and 25 years old (NEET), or with educational difficulties

 youth with limited linguistic abilities, who have the ability to speak only one European

foreign language

 motivated, interested by the project’s activities, responsible and trustworthy

 interested to develop their activities in a multicultural and divers environment and

available for 8 months

 flexible, with capacity to adapt themselves to new contexts and motivated to work in a

team, with initiative

 interested to work with and for other youth

 young people with knowledge/passions in the fields connected with the project

activities, but with low working experience or practical abilities

 youth interested to develop sportive activities, with and for other youngsters and to

promote a healthy lifestyle

 youth with capacity to exploit and use new learning contexts to develop themselves,

available to disseminate further on their experience and exploit the results and

competences acquired in the future

Selection process

For the selection of the volunteers we will need:
Europass CV with picture (made in the last month)

Motivational letter, writing that your sending organisation will be “Building Bridges”. We ask all candidates to send a specific letter of motivation – why they want to volunteer with us rather than just a general EVS one.

– Fill the application form

[button color=»orange2″ link=»https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Vy9pbU9kqidFZ0VHI0LUtlOFpNTGRSNUhHTW9sTXBoMVZN» size=»big»]Application form[/button]

Remember to write in the motivation letter that your sending institution is “Asociación Building Bridges”.

All documents written in english you can send to: asociacionbb@gmail.com with subject “EVS Education Zury Romania. YOUR NAME.YOUR SURNAME”.

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